There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Okay now I’m starting to think that everyone could be a terrorist except for Alex. Like seriously, could it be a bigger conspiracy than we ever knew? I kind of dig that idea. I still think Liam or Ryan are the best choices. Caleb is high on my list right now, that dude is way too good at deception and there’s something dark in him. Just as long as it isn’t Simon. Pleeeease show. I beg of you. He’s too obvious. Previously on Quantico, Alex and Simon are working for/against The Voice, the real terrorist behind the bombings, ¬†but they can’t tell anyone. Ryan’s now decided to take her down, because she got his ex-wife in trouble. The Voice said this is their last mission though. Hmmm. Also in the flashbacks, new trainees are around (from the slightly older class) and I only really care about Will from that group. He’s helping Caleb maybe infiltrate his former cult. Alex has been flirting with new guy Drew and avoiding Ryan. Shelby found out her parents are actually alive. And Miranda stepped down after shooting Charlie, so the twins are a question mark in terms of what they’ll be doing.

I’ll just start with the twins. Liam’s not sure he or the FBI want to continue the project without Miranda. The twins are determined to win the next challenge, which is to be trapped in Canada and forced to try to get through customs without their passports. Smuggling themselves into the country. The twins manage to win this one after all, and it means Liam sees their value and agrees to keep the project going. Alex is annoyed when she thinks Ryan intentionally switched her away from Drew out of jealousy, but Drew admits it was him. The two of them are trying to walk on foot back home, and he says it’s because of his feelings for her. They hook up. I don’t really care. Whenever there’s romantic drama on this show I’m like sigh next. At least it’s not as important this part of the season. Also in the past Shelby is convinced by Caleb to give her parents a shot. They meet her in Canada, and everything seems fine. They had to flee because they “accidentally” sold things to terrorists. Caleb quickly sees through the BS and realizes they’re there to ask Shelby for more money and really are bad people. Aw. Caleb agrees to give them the money if they disappear for good. Honey, that’s unlikely to last. They’ll run out of it eventually. Also what are your parents going to say???? Either way Shelby doesn’t know, and Caleb will try to keep it that way.


QUANTICO – “Care” – At Quantico, the NATS’ current assignment is to learn about human trafficking when Liam and Miranda challenge them to cross the U.S. / Canadian border without passports. Meanwhile, in the future, Simon continues to help Alex try to find the terrorist, but doing so puts his own life in great risk, on “Quantico,” SUNDAY, APRIL 10 (10:00-11:00 EDT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Phillippe Bosse) JOHANNA BRADDY, GRAHAM ROGERS

In current time, Alex and Simon are tasked to get a CIA informant out of their protection by any means necessary. This will be their last mission, apparently. Ryan’s on their tail, but they do manage to get to the guy first, and it’s Will. OMG IT’S WILL! I find that very interesting, and I assume this might even be connected with his Caleb work? This made me think that Caleb could be behind everything, honestly. Even if his father died. Will is there because he memorized some very important information about the weapons system of the government. That’s why the Voice wants him. Still they can’t figure it out in time so they have to hand him over. The Voice also says Simon has to come too. This makes me anxious Simon is part of the bad guys, since maybe this is how he escapes. Noooo please no guys. I know it now seems like the best option since she trusts him the most, but it’s too cliche. Either way Alex is horrified, but she has to give them both up. She walks to the car and sees Shelby is driving it. Shelby does look really guilty about it, so I think she might be blackmailed. It’d be more interesting if she didn’t look guilty and kind of smug.

I genuinely¬†have enjoyed this season more. I didn’t have high expectations but I’ve had a great time the past few episodes. I like the twists they’ve thrown at us, and even the flashbacks have become more interesting. I still think they’re kind of weird in that we already know what’s coming ahead, but this new twist with Will makes me think they do have a solid plan on what to tie things in with. I would like it if this turns out to be a conspiracy. Not just one bad guy, but several. Several of Alex’s friends? She’d never trust anyone again, neverrrrr. Quantico has won me over. I’m intrigued enough to continue through the end of the season.


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