There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Here’s the thing about Legends of Tomorrow: Sometimes I think the Savage plot holds it back. I expect and hope that they will end the Savage plot by the end of this season, because the show needs to be able to grow and move on without him. It’s a good starter arc, but I feel like this episode proved the show would do better if it wasn’t 100% about that all the time. I expect that the end of the season will have the team deciding to stick together even if Savage is defeated, and to keep fighting throughout time. And that’s the story I want to see going forward. This was a fun episode! Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, they found out that Mick was Chronos all along. He hated them for marooning him, but after realizing he couldn’t kill Leonard despite that, he decided to rejoin the team. I think! It’s kind of blurry. Also Kendra and Ray are in a relationship now and technically have been together for years since they were stranded in the 50s. This is complicated as she’s “destined” to be with Carter no matter what. Screw Carter. Please don’t bring him back, show. Mick told them that the time people would send the Hunters after them, so they had to hide.

Rip decides to hide them in the Wild West, because apparently doing so would keep them out of the eyesight of the Time Police for now. That is, unless they all make a ruckus, which WE KNOW THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY DO. He does have a slightly long suffering acceptance of the fact that letting them go play in saloons will lead to trouble. I still find it hilarious that they mess up everything they touch. They get into a bar brawl immediately after Leonard kills a man for threatening Stein after a poker match. They’re saved by none other than Jonah Hex, and you guys need to read more about him if you get the chance, he’s a cool character. He knows all about time travel and asks them about Rip. It seems like Rip was once in the area and his ability to stay neutral was in jeopardy. He wasn’t supposed to stay there, knowing he’d want to intervene and save people, so he did choose to leave. Jonah is pissed about this, considering Rip left knowing what calamity was about to happen to the people. I might have slasher goggles on, but there’s a weird vibe between Rip and Jonah this episode. I could swear they had some ~unfinished tension~ going on.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “The Magnificent Eight”– LGN111a_0260.jpg — Pictured: Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Ray becomes sheriff because the sheriff doesn’t want to be, and they take on a local gang who is tormenting everyone. They’re a well known dangerous gang who also destroyed other places. They have a stand off after Jax is kidnapped and Rip steps in to shoot the bad guy down. This is followed by the Hunters showing up because they have messed up the timeline, OF COURSE THEY HAVE, and this leads to their typical superhero powers and out of time abilities. I kind of wish they had stuck with just guns and fighting? I get though against the Hunters that would be impossible, I just feel like we’ve seen these action sequences a lot. They kick the butt of the Hunters, to the point where they hardly seemed like a threat at all. The team is getting a lot better at working together. Also Jax’s only role in this was to be kidnapped, I really hope he gets a better story arc soon. He’s a character with untapped potential, I think. Kendra also has a side story where she meets an older version of herself. The woman says that Kendra will never love anyone like Carter and all her relationships are doomed for failure. Sara is like ‘don’t listen to that nonsense’ and Kendra seems to agree, but it’s hard to say if that’s going to end the relationship eventually. I don’t really care either way about them, but I dislike Carter a lot more, so.

This was fun! I’d call it a filler episode since nothing serious happened at all, and it was really just an excuse to get the cast in the Wild West for awhile. I’m okay with that. It’s fun when they go throughout time! I’d be curious to see them in Ancient Rome at this point. I hope we do get a little more future from time to time. And other worlds! I know I keep saying that, but I love the multiverse, what can I say? I do feel like we’re repeating a lot of the same story with Rip and I kind of want to change that. He had to stay neutral, he couldn’t, he fights with the team even though he acts like he won’t for awhile. Rinse and repeat. I like Mick’s reminder that the only side he’s ever on is his own, which he says to the Hunters when they call him traitor. The big part of the end is that apparently they’ve sent the “Pilgrim” to kill all their younger selves. Yesssssss! We’re going to see young versions of everyone! I am so on board this plotline. There is a Pilgrim characters in the comics but I don’t think this woman is the same. We’ll have to see. Still loving this show.


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