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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Oooo I really liked this one. These back few episodes have been so much better than I expected. I was lukewarm when we got to the mid-season place, but I feel like now they’re starting to get a good idea of where they’re headed. Or what they’re doing. The problem is I can’t really see how this will go past the first season. Then again I said that about How To Get Away With Murder and that turned out fine. I like that Hannah didn’t die (PHEW) and the flashback had an interesting scenario. STAR TREK SHOUT OUT. Previously on Quantico, in the flashbacks Shelby found out her parents weren’t dead after all. Gah! Miranda was forced to shoot her son. Alex has maybe started to flirt with new guy Drew. In the current timeline, Alex knows there’s a terrorist still at large who manipulated Elias. Simon has joined her, and now Hannah did too. Go team awesome. I was so afraid Hannah would get killed, especially after we found out she’s LGBT too.

So flashback. Liam sets up the Kobayashi Maru test while Miranda’s in questioning. Raina is also being questioned for her part in the Charlie fiasco. Of course they don’t come out and say it’s the Kobayashi Maru test, but it becomes pretty obvious that it is as they go on. The point is that they are in a situation where they cannot win no matter what they do, but Alex and Shelby are determined to win before they figure this one out. They even think they’ve managed to figure it out, but again. Done. Shelby’s pretty frantic and reckless because she can’t deal emotionally with her parents being alive. She’s been all over Caleb because of it. He’s also revealed to Will that he has a secret identity because he plans on infiltrating the cult he used to be in. He got out, but his best friend did not, and he wants to go back in to save him. We’ll see if this turns out to be true. I think Caleb would be a great choice as secret evil guy, just saying. He had plenty of reason to want his dad dead. Miranda is forced to step down, or rather she might have chosen to, it’s been a tough time for her. Ryan is going to step in as her role. LOL. But he’s such a junior agent to begin with. It’s just for romantic tension as Alex is starting to move on. SIGH.


In the present time, Hannah is now with the team but she’s pretty determined to kick these terrorists asses. They have to plant something creepy in the Senator’s area, and then there’s a lot of confusion over whether or not there are bombs that are going off. They think she’s being poisoned or attacked or … honestly they have no idea. She just seems to be the target. But she’s not! Simon figures out that they were there for MIT plans instead, they were probably using her as a red herring. INTERESTING. Hannah however has to be the scapegoat, but she’s willing to do is so Alex can keep investigating. She makes her promise to keep Ryan out of it. Ryan on the other hand thinks Alex is to blame and wants to take her down for putting Hannah in harm’s way. They did explain that Hannah and Ryan broke up because she fell in love with another woman, and that’s why they’re on such good terms and she’s so loyal to him. I like it. AND SHE LIVED. I know I keep saying that, but I was so concerned about her. Simon and Alex have a small lead now, but it’s better than nothing, except looks like the next one is the last “big job.”

I liked this episode. I wouldn’t say a lot happened in it, but it was fun to see a new player in the Alex/Simon team. Hannah’s a good character I would like to see her again. I’m glad they are mostly veering off of romantic drama stuff right now, even if Ryan showing up again in the past will lead to that probably. I’m liking the real character stuff and friendships. Johanna’s frantic acting as Shelby on the plane was pretty well done. I feel for her. Miranda’s quiet grace and acceptance in the end also made me feel for her. So they’ve gotten me to invest in these characters finally. I wonder what will be up with the twins now! I like Will, he’s my favorite of the new recruits. This whole side thing with Caleb is pretty damn cool. I’m looking forward to the resolution of that one.


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