There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Wow there was a lot to unpack from this episode. The flashback definitely has the biggest emotional part, although I was happy to see Alex get an unexpected new ally in the present time. I am generally pleased to see her and Simon kicking ass and trying to deal with the terrorist together though. Friends for life (hopefully!). I did actually know where this Charlie storyline was headed, it was telegraphed pretty early, but it was still pretty sad to watch. Previously on Quantico, Miranda’s son Charlie was a troubled kid. She got him in jail for semi-joining a terrorist group, and when he got out, it seemed like he disappeared again. He said he was kidnapped, but is that really what happened? She puts Raina on the case after she bonds with Charlie so she can get to know the terrorists and find out what their deal is. Caleb helped Shelby find out the truth about Samar, and last episode new boy Will observed him talking with Samar in a disguise. Hmmm! Also Alex in the future is totally right and no one believes her that Elias didn’t work alone.

I’ll do the current time instead because it’s actually an easy story to wrap up. Alex and Simon are working together to try and track the terrorist and also follow his/her orders. Simon is trying to figure out the real voice behind it, while the terrorist tells Alex to switch Senator Haas’ pills for what it claims is harmless pills. They do test it and it seems harmless, so what’s the deal? She has to try and trick Hannah, Ryan’s ex-wife, into helping her do it. Hannah’s like yeah okay crazy person says what? It looks like they’ve failed, except the switch was made because Hannah decided to believe Alex after all. It looks like they have a new teammate. I really like Hannah a lot and I just pray she doesn’t die. This show doesn’t need another woman dead after Natalie’s been knocked off. Can Ryan go next? Please? I know, I’m mean.


QUANTICO – “Turn” – A terror cell tries to infiltrate Quantico, forcing Miranda and Liam to pay a deadly price. While in the future, Alex continues to get instructions from the terrorist – only this time, it’s Claire Haas’ (played by Marcia Cross) life that hangs in the balance, on “Quantico” SUNDAY, MARCH 27 (10:00-11:00 EDT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Philippe Bosse) J. MALLORY MCCREE, AUNJANUE ELLIS

The real meat is in the flashback. They’re all working when a terrorist organization breaks in. WOW amazingly bad defensive maneuvers and check ins, guys. Drew is still mad that Liam’s mistake in Chicago was responsible for his fiance’s death. However, he chooses to save Liam’s life from a terrorist. Will picks the worst time to give Shelby a picture of Caleb and Samar, and she runs out in the middle of a terrorist attack (seriously Shelby?) to panic. It’s not Caleb and Samar that upsets her, it’s that her parents have actually been alive all this time. Ahhhh! I actually didn’t see that coming, nice. But it all comes down to Charlie and Miranda, who are held hostage at the house by one of the terrorists. Raina comes in to help, and Charlie is given the chance to shoot his mother. He instead protects her and shoots the terrorist. He’s panicked however, thinking he’ll absolutely go to jail for his part in the plan and for what he’s done.┬áMiranda desperately tries to calm him down, knowing how dangerous he looks to the cops on the outside running around with a gun. In the end he’s too unstable and his mother shoots him. She only hits his shoulder, to probably get him to come down, but the sniper also shoots him in the other shoulder. It doesn’t look good. Charlie’s probably dead, and Miranda’s about as devastated as you can imagine.

So this was a good episode. The entire sequence of Charlie and the others was really well done. I felt tense the whole time and sorry for Miranda in the end. This is one of the few times when I was genuinely more interested in the flashbacks than I was in the present day stuff. I liked the concept of them getting attacked on their own grounds, but it’s not like the terrorists really managed to do much while there. I would’ve liked at least a few people to be shot or hurt during this. I am excited to have Hannah join the group; I like that her common sense told her that Alex was right even if she wanted her to be wrong. She’s a smart cookie. PLEASE DO NOT KILL HER.


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