There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

All I keep thinking as I watch these episodes is: please don’t have Simon be evil please don’t have Simon be evil. He’s always been the obvious choice, and I’ve always been happy when it hasn’t been him. His genuine connection and friendship with Alex has been one of the highlights of this show, far more interesting than her tepid relationship with Ryan. I’m always more fond of friendships than relationships. This was such a great acting episode for Priyanka and Tate, they play off each other so well. Please don’t have Simon be evil! Previously on Quantico, Alex was proven right yet again that there’s real terrorists, but no one will believe her. They’re idiots. You should know better now. All her friends have broken apart again. In the flashbacks there are new trainees, just one step above them, and we’re getting to know them as characters.

I’m going to start in the flashback first on this one. Natalie has gone on leave to deal with custoy, and Raina is making her sister suspicious by not showing up a lot. It turns out that Raina is doing a secret mission with Miranda to meet with Charlie’s kidnappers and get to know them. This is going to lead to something pretty serious, that’s obvious enough. The group learns about trials and questioning subjects. We saw them all do interrogations first episode, didn’t we? When the Mormon shot himself. Will figures out that Caleb has a separate identity, and sees Caleb meeting with Samar, the woman who conned Shelby out of all her money. It’s suspicious for sure, but I’m sure there’s more to it. Alex wants to get dirt on Liam, who she slept with on New Year’s, and her new friend Drew is horrified to find out that Liam’s bad case in Chicago led to his fiance’s death. Liam points out that the FBI make mistakes sometimes and that’s something people have to accept, and then he fires Drew for not being able to handle it.


In present time, Alex turns to the one person she always ends up trusting first, Simon. Her BFF. Simon is living in a cabin in the snowy woods and he’s completely out of it. He’s haunted by the fact that he released the trigger that set off that bomb. Of course at the time they thought they handled the bomb and he was safe, but even if it was an accident, he feels responsible. I love Simon and Tate’s acting here is fantastic. He’s tormented and angry and aims some of that ire at Alex. He even points a gun at her and there’s tension between them, but her pleas get through to him. Ryan and Nimah show up to yoink Alex back to her job, but Simon shows up later to join her team. I’m just rooting for their friendship to win, guys. Don’t let him be evil!

So now with Simon on her team, things could tip in their corner. He’s always been a great source of help for her. The others know Alex is up to something, and I’m still questioning why she’s even allowed to work there now, guys. She’s clearly not fit for that office, but I guess since she was considered a “hero” to the people that’s why. While this episode might not have had a lot of action, it didn’t need to. The emotional show down with Alex and Simon was excellent. The Caleb meeting with Samar thing was interesting, and Will is pretty much the only┬ánew trainee I like. I get that Drew is probably Alex’s new love interest, but I kind of shrug at that. The sexual encounter with Alex and Liam almost seems not true since … they don’t act like ex lovers and we didn’t even see it. Also WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH RAINA MIRANDA. Some shady shit, that’s what. I can’t wait to see that unfurl. I am legit into this show now. Rock on.


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