There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are a few things I really liked this episode, and a few things I was a little ehhhhh on. I did get to say I TOLD YOU SO and fist pump at the Chronos reveal, so there. I liked that time passed for some characters and not for others, and in a show about time travel, it’s cool to see people off sync that way. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Sara, Ray, and Kendra got stuck in the 1950s. The ship took off because Chronos came on board ¬†and caused some havoc. Also Leonard had to take care of Mick, since he turned against the crew, but we all know he didn’t kill his BFF, c’mon now. Sara was once in the League of Assassins and has been struggling with her bloodlust lately. Kendra and Ray just started a relationship together. Let’s see how everyone is.

They show us those few minutes after the ship first takes off, as Ray, Kendra, and Sara have varying responses to being abandoned. Ray tries to create a machine that will send out a beacon to the ship, but nothing comes of it. Sara says to hell with this and just leaves them to find her own path. Two years pass and Ray and Kendra have been happily living together, with him as a professor, and he’s planning on proposing. Except that’s of course when the ship finally comes back for them. Chronos captured Leonard but left the others for now. Why? Because it’s Mick of course! He was marooned by Leonard instead of killed, and the Time peeps came to get him. They trained him to be one of their soldiers and brainwashed him. Although it’s not that hard to brainwash him, he was already pissed at his former friends regardless. He’s back for revenge against Leonard and he doesn’t mind taking the others out too while he’s there. Kendra is excited to get back to the team, but Ray’s sad, because he liked their life and he’s hurt that Kendra doesn’t seem to care that they’re leaving it behind. Yeah, because you were a successful white man in the 1950s, Ray. She was a WOC incapable of connecting to her former life. You have zip idea what that was like for her, so shove off.


The team goes looking for Sara, who decided to go back to the League, the only place she knew. There she works for Ra’s, and she meets little Talia. TALIA! YAY! I know she was only mentioned here but that made me smile big. She’s back into full assassin mode and captures the others. Kendra and Sara fight against each other, but Sara can’t do the killing blow. Ra’s releases her from her oath since her heart isn’t in it. He seemed pretty nice here, considering what a dbag he was later on, but he did always have a streak of honor. She made him promise to send his daughter Nyssa to the coast where they would eventually meet. Chronos comes in then to take them out. Leonard was so quick to go and save everyone that he froze his own hand and KNOCKED IT OFF. WOW THAT IS DEDICATION. He tells everyone not to kill Mick, and they capture him instead.

The group decides to let him live on the ship in captivity for now. Sara says strongly that she needs to believe that redemption is possible for any of them, considering how guilty she feels for going back to her former life. I did side eye how quickly she went back, but it did make for some fun scenes. Kendra reassures Ray she still wants them to be together, even if she’d rather it be as themselves instead of under secret lives. DUH. I was annoyed at Ray a great deal this episode, so unaware of why Kendra didn’t like leaving her true self behind. I’m not a huge fan of their romance, but I guess it’s better than Carter. So the question is now if the group can fix Mick. Also they’re going into the future to where Savage really got his claws in and started to take over the world. THE FUTURE. Huzzah. Looking forward to it. I still really love this show and enjoy watching the characters change and their motivations change. And their growing friendships/relationships. While I was okay with Mick leaving, I’m also okay with seeing where this storyline takes him.


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