There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I would be a terrible hero. Because I would totally kill future Hitler pouty teenager brat. Especially as soon as it was clear he was a little sociopath, come on. If he was sweet and kind and innocent, maybe not. But that kid was clearly cold as ice. I get it though. We can’t show our heroes straight up kill relatively innocent people. Sigh. I do enjoy how the team keeps messing things up constantly. They are the worst time travelers. It cracks me up. I don’t mind them messing up most of the season, but I do hope eventually they find their feet and start winning here and there. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Kendra, Ray and Sara were abandoned in the 1950s for two years. Ray liked it there, Kendra didn’t, Sara went back to the League, but they’re all together again. Chronos was revealed to actually be Mick and they have him captured on the ship, hoping to redeem him. Rip decided to take them into the future this time right before Savage really took control of the world.

The year is 2147 and the problem is this little brat named Per Degaton (he’s a DC villain who time travels, so this might not be the last we hear from him) who eventually becomes future Hitler. He sets off a biological weapon that wipes out a huge portion of the human population, something his father refuses to do even though the cold hearted rich are like who cares. Savage has taken the boy under his wing, but the kid is already evil, so it’s not that hard to groom him. They decide the smart thing to do is to just yoink the kid out of the timeline. Well, at first Rip and Leonard are on team kill the kid, and I’m in agreement with that, but the others are like let’s not kill the kid okay we’re the heroes. So kidnapping seemed reasonable. Except nothing changes due to that. Rip does consider killing him, but he can’t pull the trigger, as the kid points out to him snarkily. JUST DO IT RIP. It’s him or your own family. Aghhhhh.


This is so many years later that no one knows who they are, so it’s not too hard to sneak around. Ray’s horrified to find out that the super suits flying around controlling the population are from him. Or his great great great grandchildren or whatever. He sees a statue of himself and is panicked, thinking he had a child he never knew about. Kendra’s also upset because she feels Savage nearby and it’s reminding her of her former life with Carter and their son before they were killed. Yuck, Carter. I do not miss him. I also do not really care too much about their relationship, so I was like ehhhhh. He needs more reassurance from her. He does find out it’s his brother who did it instead. UHHHH. That’s kind of a cop out, majorly. Do you have a twin brother? Why didn’t you think that earlier? It’d be much more interesting if Ray had to contemplate potential fatherhood, damnit! Head shake. Whatever.

So they let future Hitler live and doing that makes him kill everyone a lot sooner. They had a few years to enjoy life before, and then just a few days in the new timeline. Way to break it, heroes. The one good thing is that Mick seems to have gotten back to their side. After having a few conversations with others, probably the best with Sara, he and Leonard punch it out. He beats Leonard to a pulp but can’t bring himself to kill him, so he realizes he’ll just never really be able to do it. Same as Leonard couldn’t kill him. And I guess that means he’s on the team again? He’s out and about when he tells them that the Time peeps are going to come after them with their very worst hunters, especially since he’s turned sides again. Wahoo! Next week: the Wild West and they’re meeting JONAH HEX. I’m excited. I love Jonah Hex. This was a good solid episode. I liked that we’ve moved between the future and past a few times. I’d like to see more alternate universes. Everyone looks pretty badass in their Wild West costumes. I’d like to see Firestorm get a little focus coming up. I feel like Jax doesn’t get enough. Maybe he’ll bond with Mick again now that he’s back? That would be nice. It was a good episode all around, I enjoyed it, even if I screamed KILL HIMMMMM at the screen multiple times. I get it. Heroes don’t do it. I’ll just pout over here.


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