There are huge spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m not sure what to say this week. The frustration people have had with the constant death of women on television is well documented. The fact male characters have been allowed to live or have a nice write-off (like Roy) is proven. In the flashbacks, we are no doubt about to see another woman die, as Tatiana does not seem to have survived if she never went to see Laurel. So it’s exhausting to see the trope alive and well. The fact that Laurel died for multiple manpains frustrates me. To be fair, it will also be used for womanpain, as she’s close to Thea, Felicity, and Sara as well. It seems like this will be the end of her, but I am also a little ???? because the ending seemed so anti-climatic and weird. Plus what was it she said to Oliver? Then again they’ve already faked a death before. I don’t know. I never liked Katie Cassidy, I was warming slowly to Laurel recently, so I can’t say I’ll miss her from the show. But I would’ve rather she be written off than this, because the trope is harmful and it’s constant and it’s tiring. Sigh. IT SHOULD’VE BEEN QUENTIN. Anyway previously on Arrow, who cares, you know where this is headed.

The episode likes to jump between Andy maybe being on the side of good or the side of evil. It was clear to me from the first minute that he is absolutely evil, and that some people can’t be redeemed, and I don’t honestly mind that. I like some villains to stay that way, while others can be redeemed with the right incentive and desire. It was unfortunate to see the relationship between Diggle and Oliver suffer; we need not forget they were on the outs early this season because of what Oliver did last season to Lyla. It was Oliver who insisted Diggle try to give his brother a second chance, but it’s also Oliver who saw right through it this episode. Andy was a traitor, and Diggle will never forgive himself for what happened as a result of that. He gave Darhk his magic back. Darhk used that to stab Laurel in front of everyone, and she died in the hospital later. So manpain #1 will be to Diggle, manpain #2 to Oliver, since Laurel shows him she still has their picture together and he’ll always be the love of her life. That’s … bizarre. She’s shown no romantic feelings for him since early season two. They’ve been just friends for awhile and she hasn’t been jealous of Felicity. So it seems like a weird thing to say.


Laurel was apparently going to be fine, but then she dies anyway, with the entire group in the room. The reactions I think were well done across the board. Quentin’s shock and collapse really worked, although I still am resentful he’s alive since he’s the better choice for the death in my opinion. GDI guys he serves no purpose anymore. Ugh fine. Laurel asks Oliver to do her one thing, and we don’t know what it is since they cut away. This was an episode that made it clear it was her last hurrah. She decided to maybe give up being Black Canary. This was her “last job.” Siiiiiiigh. I would’ve liked to see her break off from the group and be the civilian hero they needed. It’s like every time I see a good potential storyline, they take the easy path instead. Maybe Katie Cassidy just wanted out, which I don’t blame her on. Then again she will be showing up as Earth-2¬†¬†Laurel very soon, so maybe she’s just switching versions of the character. That could be interesting!

So Darhk has his magic again. Merlyn’s responsible AS USUAL and he’s still alive too. Slams head against wall repeatedly. He and Thea fight but she loses … for now. She’s going to be on a war path for him soon. I hope she does kill him. Diggle has to live with the fact he decided to trust Andy, and that led to Laurel’s death. We’re going to see them mourning Laurel next week. Her poor parents. They have assured everyone Sara will find out about it on Legends and have a reaction. I wonder if they’ll use her time jumping options on Legends to say goodbye to her sister, that would be nice. Overall I’m disappointed by the choice they made here. I’m disappointed that the show forgets a little freaking hope is nice once and awhile. I get it’s darker than the others in universe, but it’s really depressing to see the heroes lose every single time. Laurel will be added to the list of women fridged, unless they’re tricking us, which I don’t think they are. This hasn’t been a really good season for women; other shows killed several of theirs off as well, and it’s been frustrating for fans. I guess I do look forward to the good acting that will come off of this since the actors have all really developed well that way. And we’ll get to see Earth-2 Laurel. I guess we’ll see, I don’t know. Right now I’m just kind of sad. She may not have been my favorite, but I feel like there was still potential, and I’m sorry for her fans.

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