There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So this one was a mixture of throw away and interesting. I enjoyed the setting and the danger, but I don’t know that anything important really occurred outside of Curtis finding out about Team Arrow. It was pretty funny (if skeptical) that he just stumbled into it. Felicity left the team last week, because she knew it was unfair to both of them when she broke off her engagement to Oliver. While it’s very likely Oliver will start back sliding, he hasn’t started yet, and I think that’s a credit to having the team around him that he does. He’s not the same man he was in the past. It’s nice to see character development stick. Previously on Arrow, as mentioned a second ago, Felicity and Oliver broke up, Darhk is in jail thanks to Quentin going on the record against him, and there was this woman hacker who was Felicity’s nemesis named the Bug-Eyed Bandit. Or Brie Larvan. They sent her to jail. Felicity’s mother is in town and dating Quentin. There was a bunch of flashbacks no one cares about at all but they keep forcing them on us.

Brie breaks out of jail and goes looking for Felicity, who has made Palmer Tech her main focus now that she’s momentarily retired. They made that awesome tech for her spinal injury and she wants to do more with it. I still think it’s ridiculous they fixed her so quickly, but alas, that is the TV way. Curtis is sick so¬†she sends her home, and her mother and Thea show up. Thea’s there to ask for her boyfriend to start working for the company, and Donna wants to look in on her heartbroken daughter. They end up trapped there when Brie attacks and holds everyone hostage with her killer mechanical bees. Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but kind of fun too. The building is locked down as Felicity tries to get them out of there. An attempt is made by Team Arrow to get inside, but it fails, and Oliver gets stabbed with one of the bees.


Luckily for him, Curtis has accidentally stumbled into the Arrow Cave and finds out the truth about the group. Honestly it’s always a surprise to me that everyone doesn’t already know this. It’s so obvious! Still, he helps the team since they need a hacker, and he also saves Oliver. Oliver does snap at him pretty viciously about acting like this is so exciting, and frankly I don’t blame him. I know it’s proof he can be a jackass, but dude, people might be dying. FELICITY might be dying. Curtis needs to focus. I love him to pieces though, it’s fun to see him work with them. I do think it’s unnecessarily mean to say he gets why Felicity and Oliver didn’t work out. You don’t know shit, buddy. That’s not a harmless thing to say to someone. Anyway, the team does come through in the end and defeats her, after she reveals she really just wanted Felicity’s tech because she has a spinal injury herself. This gives Felicity renewed interest in focusing on that afterward. Olicity have a brief reunion where he reassures her that he’ll always come save her no matter what, and that’s that.

Also we see that Andy Diggle is still in Darhk’s pocket so that’s definitely going to come to a head soon. Curtis knows about Team Arrow but it doesn’t look like he’s joining up full time, as he goes home to his husband. FOR NOW. At least they know they have a hacker back up if they need one. I loved seeing the group all spar together, it’s so fun to see how everyone’s come a long way in their training. Diggle might have some military background, but he’s certainly better skilled now than he used to be, and Thea and Laurel are kicking ass. I appreciate the friendship between Laurel and Ollie right now, it’s nice to see exes find common ground again. Overall this was kind of a silly episode, but I didn’t mind it too much. Sometimes the fillers are frustrating, but it had a few moments that were entertaining, and I did like them trying to escape the building. Donna did pretty well considering she’s not made for any of that! And honestly any episode that features how well the team does together now makes me smile.

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