There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I waited a little while to start Quantico back up, grumpy about the fact Once Upon a Time has so thoroughly disappointed me that I quit the show. I felt like Quantico couldn’t get better either. Ahhh, pessimism. It turns out that I liked this episode more than almost every other episode they’ve done! They took a good risk by having something so horrific happen at the middle point, and now we’ve seen the aftermath. And it’s … interesting! The lack of romantic drama definitely helps. Previously on Quantico, Alex was blamed for the bombing of Grand Central and everyone believed it for awhile. She eventually recruited all of her classmates at Quantico to be her BFF, and together they tried to piece together the real cover up. Elias was revealed to at least be part of the terrorist group, but he swore that he wasn’t alone, and he jumped to his death. The real bad part was when they thought they got rid of a bomb that Simon was strapped too, and that he was safe to release the trigger. Except when he did, the FBI hide out for VIPs exploded, meaning they all failed, this person is way ahead of them, and Simon just accidentally killed a bunch of people. Yiiiikes. And that’s the last we saw.

I’m not 100% sure how much time has passed, but it’s several months I think. Caleb’s father (and Shelby’s lover) Clayton died in the blast ¬†along with 31 other people. Everyone is testifying that Elias acted alone and he’s the culprit, but Alex is 100% positive that it’s a conspiracy. It’s kind of ridiculous to me that no one believes her, considering that the last time they disbelieved her, she was completely right about the cover up. Like seriously guys. Be more genre savvy. Why would you even assume Elias acted alone? This was a highly complicated job! Ahhh whatever. Everyone’s just going by it, and they’re begging Alex to stop being paranoid. She has public support by people who think she’s telling the truth because she was right before. Shelby isn’t talking to her because for some reason Clayton’s death meant their affair was public and she’s been disgraced. Welllll you slept with a married man, so uhhh glass houses. Stones. You know how it is. No one forced you to do that, Shelby, jeez. Alex sleeps with an IT guy to try and get proof about someone calling Elias, but she can’t find any leads.


She does get a lead when one of the secret hacker men committed suicide and left her a message about not having a choice. I’m not sure what she thinks that means outside of that there’s more to the story. Ryan begs her to see the light and stop acting crazy. Thanks, Ryan, as always you are the weakest link in this show. Alex does recant at the testimony and say she thought Elias acted alone. Remember when she agreed to turn herself in so the bad guy would show themselves? This gives her more ability to go looking for the culprit without everyone obsessing over her testimony. She gets a call from the real bad guy finally, who uses this really cool phone filter thing where several different voices are put together to speak. I liked that. They taunt her with a video of the hacker dying, and then Natalie shows up … with a bomb on. Ohhhhh shiiiiiiiit.

So this was a fun episode! In the flashback (which is still silly at this point imo, we know where it’s headed) they have to compete against the class just one year ahead of them. That means we’re getting a group of new characters in. They compete since five people will be kicked off the losing team, but the older class cheats so they’re equally punished. And now they have to work together. Ha ha okay so you’re just making up random rules now Miranda. I know it makes better TV of the dullest part of this show, but whatever. We’ve got some cute new people who we’ll learn more about next episode probably. It was a good solid return. I find the modern time storyline super interesting, although I roll my eyes at Alex still being painted as the unstable one when she’s proven she’s not a dozen times. I want to see what Simon is up to, he looked awful in this episode. Overall I enjoyed the episode and it made me actually reinvigorated for the show! Well done, Quantico. I guess I’m not deleting you after all.


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