There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are not enough words to express how much pure joy this episode of Supergirl was. Pure. Joy. It helps that Kara and Barry Allen are both some of the kindest, warmest, sweetest characters on television right now. It helps that they spent so much time giving winks to comic fans while still delivering a nice story. It helps that it had a very cheesy moment that was nevertheless genuinely lovely to watch. This show warms even my dark and grumpy heart. The fact that Supergirl might be in danger of being canceled infuriates me to my core. Raaaage. But there is no place for rage after this delightful hour. Only happiness. Previously on Supergirl, Alex and J’onn are on the run and trying to find Cadmus. Kara is still struggling with the fact she terrified everyone and they’ve turned on Supergirl, no longer trusting her. We also met villain Livewire who hated Cat, and we briefly met new villain Siobhan who is a banshee. Or possessed by one. I knew she was going to be a villain, I was just a little sad about it. Also in the Flash world, Barry has been working on his speed abilities and that includes the ability to turn back time and now travel to other worlds.

Siobhan is brought to the DEO first but they can’t really figure out how her powers happened. It doesn’t take long for her to decide to go evil, and she tries to scream Kara right out a window. While falling, Kara is rescued by Barry Allen aka the Flash, and they have a meet-cute of epic proportions. He’s from another universe, and they introduce the MULTIVERSE here (ahhhhh! nerd scream!). Livewire is let out by Siobhan because she needs help to distract Supergirl so she can kill Kara. Kara asks Barry for help, in between them being the cutest cuties to ever exist and become best friends right away. He does calmly try to recommend she come up with a plan, but she’s like WE’LL JUST GO BEAT HER UP IT’LL BE FINE. They do manage to go to a stalemate, but it’s still not over. Barry’s a great source of advice for Kara because he’s been in the superhero game a little longer than her now, and he’s been through a lot of the same things. Kara’s never had one outside of her cousin to really bond with like this. Even J’onn was always masking who he was and never showing off the way Barry could here. Barry also gets Jimmy super jealous, makes best friends with Winn, and he’s intimidated by the amazing Cat Grant, who insists on calling his superhero self the Blur. Just so you know I laughed out loud at that, because the Blur was the title Superman got when he first started helping people. There’s a lot of meta jokes in this.


The two of them face off against the lady villains again to save Cat’s life, but they look like they’re in real trouble. Kara jumps in front of lightning to save a helicopter and she’s wounded. When it looks like she’s in real danger, the civilians who have all been standing by watching decide to step in. Yes it is enormously cheesy but it made me smile ear to ear. It takes them realizing she’d die for them to take her back into their hearts, and it rings back to that fact she’s an inspirational figure. THIS IS WHAT BEING A SUPERHERO SHOULD BE ABOUT. Not brooding and depressing dark shades of moral ambiguity, yes I am looking viciously at you Batman vs. Superman. She has regained the public’s love, because it’s something they are choosing to give her again, and they’re the ones who save the day for once. My Grinch heart grew three sizes. Also they have found a way to put metahumans in normal prisons, so they don’t have to hide it at the DEO anymore. Nice!

The day is saved and Kara helps Barry get back by using her speed, after a race, to toss him forward. They hug beforehand, and it is so cute I need a dentist for the cavities. They also say “Girl of Steel” and “Scarlet Speedster” which are comic nicknames for Supergirl and the Flash and I was rolling on the ground in geek ecstasy.  So Barry’s gone home. From what I can tell, the Flash episode will actually take place before this one, but that was how it had to be since Supergirl was earlier. I don’t mind. I can’t wait to see the aftermath there! Kara takes Barry’s advice and kisses Jimmy, but … then Jimmy turns into a mindless drone on her. It seems Non is finally pushing his evil plan and it includes all the people in the city becoming zombies. Where they’re marching, no idea yet, but we’ll see if there’s anyone left but Kara. Also of course this is the time that Alex and J’onn are around and can’t help her! I can’t wait for the next episode.

I hear that this episode did bump the ratings, but we won’t know until next week if it made a regular difference. Supergirl is struggling with middle ratings, and it’s possible they could move it to the CW (YES PLEASE JUST LET IT LIVE). This show needs to survive. It’s important to little girls. It’s important to adult women too. It’s actually important for everyone, in my opinion, and I will be heartbroken if it doesn’t continue. This was a great episode full of love, laughter, and heart. It’s like putting down a puppy, if you get rid of this show. HOW COULD YOU? Anyway, I had a blast. I can’t wait to see this several times. Everyone was charming and at their best. The chemistry was strong. I really would love to see Kara again in the CW world and vice versa. This can’t be the end! If you can, watch this episode. It’s worth it.


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