There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m not ultimately sure what to think about this episode? It felt like a filler episode. Some things happened, but nothing that I would consider really important. It was kind of a shame this is our female speedster we’ll get, and that they made Eliza Harmon a bad guy when … she didn’t need to be at all. It did get them to put the dots together about Jay, but even then I’m still assuming Hunter Zolomon is the problem and not the Jay they knew. Maybe?  The jury is still out on that one. Previously on The Flash, Jay was apparently killed but Zoom’s real face is also Jay, so … yeah like I said. Probably Hunter Zolomon. Barry is determined to find a way back to Earth-2 so they can help the people there. Harrison and his daughter Jesse are living full time in this world now. Caitlin created Velocity 9 to help Jay get back his speed before, but it was also killing him. Cisco has super powers but still doesn’t really know how to use them except when they need him to suddenly have answers to things. That’s about it.

So there’s a female speedster in town. Team Flash is out dancing, Jesse with them although her father is paranoid and put a weird protection bracelet on her, and the speedster comes and steals stuff. For some reason this leads Iris’ new boss at the paper to claim it was the Flash. Uhhhh. I mean. There are new metahumans all the time, why would people think there isn’t another speedster? Didn’t they know for sure there was another one last year? The Flash hasn’t done anything to indicate he’s a problem up until now, so that’s a pretty giant leap to take. Iris tries to calm him down and he thinks she’s hitting on him, and then gets very weird when he realizes she’s not. Super defensive and kind of a dick about it? So then she indicates she might be interested in him after all in the end, which is just all kinds of awkward. I don’t like it, and I’m not even a Westallen shipper. I didn’t like his attitude. Anyway Caitlin realizes that it might be a doctor that she worked with to make Velocity 9. She didn’t tell Eliza the full formula, but it was enough for her colleague to jump to the rest on her own. Barry’s mad because it could boost his speed and that’s what he needs to defeat Zoom.


The Flash — “Trajectory” — Image FLA216b_0103b — Pictured (L-R): Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Velocity 9 has driven Eliza insane to the point where her other self, her Speedster self, is “Trajectory” and is kind of separate from Eliza. That makes the ending pretty sad since she fades away and dies after taking too much of the drug. When she’s rushing off before disappearing, her lightning turns blue like Zoom, and that makes everyone connect the dots. The only one they knew who was having trouble with V-9 was Jay, and Cisco vibes to the other world and sees Zoom with his mask off. Everyone’s horrified. Poor Caitlin. She cannot cut a break. Barry’s infuriated that yet another mentor/friend has turned evil on him. I’m still guessing that it’s Hunter and not Jay, and Caitlin hasn’t brought up the potential evil doppelganger thing. Maybe that’s coming later. Also Jesse decides to leave because she thinks the lengths her father is willing to go to for her are too high. And she also wants to experience the world for herself. That’s too bad because I really liked Jesse! I’m sure she’ll be back one of these days.

So it was an okay episode? Just nothing particularly interesting happened in it. Okay so they figured out part of the Zoom problem and the connection with Jay, and I’m sure that will factor in to the end of it. I’m sad about Eliza and what they did to her character, since she was better than that in the comics. Such a cruel way to go too! I’m not sure I like Iris’ new potential love interest. I know I do definitely like Cisco’s dance moves though. The next time I see Barry it will be in Supergirl, and I’m not sure yet how that’s going to combine with the Flash show itself, so I’m really excited to watch. This isn’t an episode I’ll be seeing again or even remembering. Too bad Jesse can’t fulfill her potential as Jesse Quick on the show! That would be great.


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