There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There were two major storylines going on in this one, and I moderately was good with both of them, but I’m still a little bitter. It’s not because I’m an Olicity shipper, but rather I get irritated when plot contrivances exist simply for the angst. If it’s believable angst, it works. There has been a lot of believable angst on this show in the past. The creation of Oliver’s son for this season simply for the purpose of breaking up the ship and then the kid disappearing is frustrating. Honestly I would’ve been interested in seeing Oliver balance life with a kid, even if it broke up his relationship. The problem with having the break up be a big deal this episode is that it takes away from the courtroom stuff, and I actually really liked that part! Go figure, for once, I was into the Lances more than the rest. Previously on Arrow, Oliver and Felicity called the wedding off because she was tired of his constant lies. She’s able to walk now with no problem, so that’s … frustrating. They finally caught Darhk and destroyed his magical totem thing, and he’s arrested. A long time ago they had an episode with a deranged fan named Cupid who wanted to be the Arrow’s one true love. Apparently we need her back on here. Yaaaaay.

So yeah Cupid is back and she’s attacking happily married or about to be married couples. Oliver and Felicity are trying to survive their break up. She wants to come back to work and tells everyone what happened, but also doesn’t want to talk about it. Diggle urges Oliver to give her time but also let her know he still wants to work on their relationship. They have to go undercover as a married couple so Cupid comes and breaks it up. Oliver clearly speaks his own vows, hoping that Felicity would forgive him, and she speaks to Cupid about it when the woman attacks. It throws her off long enough for them to defeat her. But Felicity is sticking to her guns and the break up is final, because she says sooner or later he’ll always deceive her. I’m like honey, I’m pretty sure secrets and lies in a relationship aren’t as weird as you think, but okay. No, I do get it, Oliver has a history of this behavior and if he’s always forgiven for it, he’s not going to change. It keeps me in mind of Diggle being furious with him about taking his wife and child hostage, and it took him awhile to get past it too. They both had to work on that. Anyway, Felicity realizes that working with the team isn’t going to happen right then, because they need distance between them. I’m glad she decided that, because they definitely need space if they’re going to heal from it. We do know eventually she’ll be a part of the burial in the future. I’m still calling it as her mother or Captain Lance. The latter is looking likely right now.


That’s the good part of this episode. Darhk is on trial with a judge, and the team have to go on the stand to talk about how he kidnapped them. He has a good lawyer though who seems skilled at getting rid of the testimonies. It looks like they have no chance, but Quentin Lance agrees to go on the stand. It ruins his career and reputation to admit he worked along with Darhk, but it is the way they get him in the end. The judge agrees to confine him for now, and Lance did the right thing. It was a good acting job by Paul, I like that he’s taking responsibility. I’ve said for awhile I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s the one in the grave because it feels like his story is at an end, and if he’s not the police chief, what’s the point of his character? He can’t possibly get his job back after this, when they know he’d go against the law for his kid. I’d just prefer him over Felicity’s mother. But Darhk looks like he’ll be let out of jail since he had some kind of magical thing in his mouth. Greeeeat.

It was an okay episode? The acting was all excellent by everyone involved. This might not have been a story I would have chosen, but the actors are dedicated to making it believable and emotional so good on them. I’m not sure where this is headed, but I don’t join the fandom in hating on Felicity because of it. Oliver’s come a long way, but he still has some more distance to go. Everyone gets their chances to get frustrated with each other and find a way to work together later on. Felicity knows what she wants and she has a right to hope for transparency and trust in a relationship. We’ll see how it goes anyway. I’m glad she walked away for now, it’s healthier. I don’t know what this storyline will mean for Lance going forward, but I like where it’s at now. Laurel did a fantastic job too, and I’m always glad when she gets a chance to shine in her real life rather than as Canary. She’s a lawyer! Who knew! 😉 This was kind of a bridge episode, just getting us past the break up and Darhk’s trial, but it was a solid one.


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