There are spoilers in this review. Duh!

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t recognize Siobhan for who she was when she appeared on the show. Facepalm. As soon as that last shot of her hit, I went “OH YOU IDIOT” and connected the dots. So yes, she’s a DC character, and I’ll get into her a little later. One thing I absolutely love about Supergirl is how good they are at letting consequences actually happen for the hero. They’re not just cleaning up the story arcs and pretending it doesn’t have long lasting effects. Kara hasn’t won back the public yet after Red Kryptonite. J’onn went public and he is being held by the DEO. We also get a look at Alex’s past and where J’onn’s ties with Jeremiah Danvers began. This show is so great, I swear. Previously on Supergirl, Kara went momentarily evil but now the whole city is afraid of her. She’ll have to win them back slowly but surely. J’onn was forced to go public to stop her when she was out of control, and now he’s in deep trouble. Also in the past he mentioned that he owed Jeremiah Danvers, and he became Hank and recruited Alex to protect her. And previously, Siobhan was Cat’s assistant but she was fired for trying to leak information behind her back.

I’ll just deal with Siobhan now. She is freaking out and Winn tries to calm her down, but she thinks that having Kara send an e-mail to Cat that’s full of filth will get back at her. This is a completely ridiculous plan. Cat’s smart, for one, and knows Kara would never say those things let along SEND THEM TO HER IN AN E-MAIL. And Winn obviously can figure it out quick. Did she honestly expect him to take her side over his best friend and boss of many years? Ridiculous. However, Siobhan is ranting and falls off a building, but manages to save herself with a super scream. She is the comic villain known as Silver Banshee, although I hear in 52 she’s currently an ally of Supergirl, not evil … yet? It would be nice if she didn’t immediately go evil, we’ve had enough female villains at this point. Anyway that’s really the plot non-J’onn related so. Yes. Also Kara’s frustrated because she’s trying to win back everyone’s trust, but it’s going to be slow going.


The real story is obviously about J’onn being arrested. Lucy and Colonel Harper come to the DEO to investigate. He tells his backstory about meeting Jeremiah Danvers, and that he protected J’onn from the others. He accidentally killed Hank in the process, and made J’onn promise to take care of his daughters. He told J’onn about Kara’s identity. Afterward, J’onn tracked down Alex, who was getting drunk and arrested and acting out, and recruited her into the DEO. Harper is not impressed, infuriated at the lies from J’onn, since Hank was one of his closest friends. You can tell the original Hank was not a good guy considering what company he kept. They figure out that Alex was lying about not knowing Hank was J’onn, so she and J’onn are both carted out … to Project Cadmus. I squealed when I heard that. It’s a very famous DC comicsĀ engineering facility. Villains have used it before to clone or experiment on aliens and the supernatural. Jimmy recognizes the name and says they have to save the two of them from that fate. There’s only one way.

Kara confronts Lucy and tells her the truth about being Supergirl. Lucy is furious and jealous, however Kara points out that she is a good person and has to know on some level what they’re doing is wrong. This does persuade Lucy and she helps Kara find the transport and break into it. They pretend to be normal masked assailants so people don’t go ‘oh yeah Supergirl rescued him.’ J’onn wipes the mind of Colonel Harper, but in doing so finds out that Jeremiah IS ALIVE. Whaaaat. I didn’t see that one coming. Interesting. This means Alex is a fugitive and she wants to track down Cadmus and save her father. She needs to do this with J’onn, and Kara’s heartbroken, but she understands. Alex needs this character arc. So for now it looks like J’onn and Alex may be missing from the show? Or we’ll just see them doing their own thing. I don’t know how it’ll look. Lucy was promoted to head of DEO for now, and she and Kara are at a higher level of respect for each other. Even if she’s still sad that Jimmy loves Kara/Supergirl. She’s still a class act, and I love that.

Going forward I’m really excited to see what happens with Cadmus. Also does this open the door for Non to attack when Kara doesn’t have her usual support system? Will Siobhan be a villain? I honestly wish not, I would like her to surprise us by maybe having a flirtation with the dark side but choosing the light. That would be more interesting. Now Lucy and Kara will be a team. And more importantly: THE FLASH IS COMING. They’ve been teasing us for some time that Barry Allen will be showing up on Supergirl, and it’s next episode. Ahhhhh! I don’t know much about it, but I do know I will be geeking out the entire time. We’ve all wondered for awhile if The CW DC could make a crossover with Supergirl, and I can’t wait to see those two dorky dorks to be friends. I can’t even imagine how Oliver would be surrounded with those two cutie pies. Until next week!


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