Dee Discusses: Legends of Tomorrow 1×8

Posted: March 13, 2016 by Dee in Uncategorized


There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Can I just say how pleased I was that they dragged the 1950s through the mud here? People have a disgusting tendency to be nostalgic about the “good old days” of the 50s. They even have Stein mention it here wistfully, which gets shut down immediately by Sara in a delightful way. The 50s were only great for white straight men. Considering several members of the cast are not that, they went straight for the jugular when it came to prejudice and terrible behavior in the time period. And I grinned. This is another episode that does a great job with furthering the relationship of the cast. The show is really hitting its stride, and now it’s a few weeks before we see the continuation. Alas. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, they lost the trail of Savage but they’re back on it. Leonard was forced to take care of Mick, who turned on the team and almost led to their deaths. We don’t know if that was murder or not, but he’s gone, and you can see Leonard’s pain about it here. Also Ray and Kendra have started to date … ish.

Everyone’s under cover in this episode to varying degrees of success. Stein’s a doctor, Sara’s a nurse, and they’re trying to figure out what Savage’s plan is in this time. Kendra and Ray are a married couple, and Jax investigates the disappearance of young men in the area by flirting with a pretty girl. A pretty white girl, unfortunately,  so he gets a lot of flack about that considering his race. Sara gets a temporary love interest of her own, a beautiful fellow nurse who hasn’t explored her sexuality yet, but can’t help being drawn to the lovely Sara. I hear you, lady. She’s pretty wonderful. Savage is as obsessed with Kendra as always once he recognizes her, and she thinks he doesn’t believe that she remembers her past at this time. He does tempt and taunt her a little. They hope to use this to their advantage, which Ray is against since now he’s getting all alpha male protective of his new girlfriend. She shuts that down pretty quick, thankfully. I get his wife died and that still haunts him, but even Sara points out he should trust Kendra. Unfortunately their plan does go awry because Savage has figured out she remembers, due to bad timing with things going wrong for him just as she appeared.


What he’s attempting to do is make more Hawks. He’s morphing humans by using the same thing that gave Kendra and Carter powers, but it’s just turning them into creepy vicious monsters instead. He temporarily turns Jax into one too, and Stein has to hurry to find a cure for everyone. Jax has been on Leonard’s case all episode for what happened to Mick, wondering if he turned against his own partner, if he could be trusted with the rest of them. Not a bad question! Although he turned against his partner for all of you, so you might want to keep that in mind. However, Leonard chooses not to hurt Jax even when he tries to kill them, and that’s enough for him to decide Leonard’s not so bad after all. I do like Leonard’s redemption arc so I’m like A+++ there. The big twist comes that Chronos  attacks the ship directly and forces them to fly off, leaving Sara, Kendra, and Ray behind. I think they’re supposed to be stuck there for several weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see where they’re at afterward.

There was some speculation going around that maybe Chronos is Mick. It wouldn’t have been hard for the time agents to track him down and maybe make him an offer to get revenge. Or maybe they didn’t give him a choice. I doubt Mick’s gone for good and it would be interesting if he swings back at them this way. And maybe that’s the answer to why Chronos always seemed to know where they were. It’ll mean Leonard and Mick have another showdown on the ship, and I’m all for that. Ray’s the only one Mick actually liked besides Leonard, and he’s not around though. I’m definitely interested in what happens next, and how long it’ll take before they come back to take their stranded teammates. The show started a little shaky but I think it’s really come into its own. They’re juggling the characters well and I’m enjoying each friendship growing and changing as the show continues. I’d love to see them go to more alternate universes though, not just back in time and to the future. There’s a whole wealth of things they could be able to do on this show. Once they establish these characters, I hope they live up to their potential.


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