There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This episode does a lot of good character study, and gives us a look at a daunting future for Star City and Oliver Queen. It was weird seeing Stephen Amell just wearing a gray beard like that was believable enough. But I get casting a new actor would have made it harder to recognize him. Connor Hawke was officially revealed and I’m kind of wishy washy on my feelings about it. It was great to see the relationships between the characters continue to deepen, and also a giant rift to happen between two of them that might not be fixable. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, the team is sent off course and out of time to the future dystopia that is Star City. When arriving there they met a Green Arrow who was not Oliver Queen and Sara’s pretty heartbroken. I generally think that’s the only thing that matters for a recap so.

Sara’s freaked out over what happened to her home, and wonders if her and Ray leaving led to it. In many ways, Rip agrees that it did. When they stop Savage he always intended to bring her back to her time and that would change the future. However, there’s a lot of thought here from my side about if stopping Savage would completely change even the current storyline. And is it automatically for the better? It seems smarter for them to kill him post the current storyline in case him existing in the past actually led to good things. I’m just saying. Anyway Sara finds out the city is destroyed, her loved ones are gone, and Connor Hawke is basically the only one fighting to save the city. He says Oliver Queen is dead, but they find Oliver in the old Arrow base, and he’s simply given up. He recognizes Connor as John Diggle Jr., and I’m kind of like ehhhh on why they would give a well known character a weird identity here. Well known as in the comics. Connor is Oliver’s son in the comics. It just made me go ???? when they made this choice, although seeing Diggle’s son being so awesome made me smile a lot regardless. Sara tries to inspire Ollie to come back, but he’s like nawwww.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Star City 2046” — Image LGN106b_0248b.jpg — Pictured: Steven Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rip says there’s nothing they can do to save this world, but Sara basically tells him to fuck off and goes to try anyway. Especially since Deathstroke Jr. has Connor and is going to execute him. Rip says he’ll leave her there, and she gives zero fucks about it. I love that. Sara’s such a great character, and I like having someone challenge him directly like that. In the end he lets the others convince him to go after her, and they work together to help defeat Deathstroke. Oliver comes back in time for the fight and takes his place again as Green Arrow beside Connor. So Sara can leave knowing that they’re stable for now, although obviously she’ll want to change this future later on. Also a major storyline is that Leonard and Mick at first enjoy the idea of a city where bad guys have all the power, but Leonard quickly realizes he doesn’t want to stay in this wasteland. Mick however loves it, it’s his thing, so he wants to stay. Leonard knocks him out and puts him in a cell on the ship. Mick’s furious and it looks like these partners are in danger.

I love that Mick and Leonard are two bad guys, but that one is changing to suit the team, and the other doesn’t want to. It’s important for Leonard’s development that you see he’s not the same as he was before. The preview for next week indicates this fight continues and it may escalate. I like that. Otherwise I just really enjoyed this episode! Sara’s determination to help her city no matter what, Rip’s weakening on staying out of it because they’re his team, and everyone banding together to help her. This show is excelling at giving each person their own storyline and also developing each friendship. It makes me smile. I am genuinely enjoying the hell out of this show and I think they are doing better at juggling multiple storylines. Can’t wait for the next one!


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