There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

How is there only one episode left of this season, aghhhh. And what could they possibly do in the next one that will leave us all screaming until season 3? It happens every time in the last few minutes, so I’m just holding onto my hat for this one. I think there’s at least one more dead body coming, but will it be someone in the group for once? The waiting is so difficult, but I know once the finale happens I’ll be gnashing my teeth until season three starts. Hopefully whatever the mystery is, they’ll tell us quickly the way they did with Bonnie and Rebecca this season. At least one big mystery is handed to us here, and old truths are coming out. Previously on How To Get Away With Murder, Wes’ mother Rose did in fact kill herself, and Annalise was there to witness it. She feels a great deal of guilt since it was partly her pressure that led the woman there. Wes is afraid he killed her, and he ran off to talk to Eve. While on the phone with Eve in Wes’ apartment, Annalise was attacked by Philip. Also Frank told Laurel about killing Lila, and they broke up, and also Bonnie overheard the conversation so she knows.

Annalise gets away from Philip pretty easily, she’s much more formidable than that little brat is. She’s more concerned for Wes than herself, which just goes to show you what obsession she has over the boy. Some of it becomes clear in this episode, between her guilt about Rose and her transference of emotions from her own child to Wes. Finally after getting completely drunk she tells Wes the truth about Rose killing herself and why. But there was a second secret she’s been keeping: Mahoney, that dbag who used Rose and threatened her, is Wes’ real father. Mahoney is still alive and well and very rich so we’ll see if Wes tries to use this. All those years ago Annalise confronted the man about it, and then she planned on getting possibly disbarred in exchange for giving secrets about her client away to the police. But on the way there she gets in a bad car accident and her baby dies in the womb. This is … frankly so horrific and difficult to watch that I had to fast forward at a point. It is a credit to the incredible performance of Viola Davis that you feel like you are with Annalise as she grieves. She clearly blames herself for what happened, both the baby and to Wes, and you can kind of see the downslide to where she is now as a person. And the start of the end for her and Sam. She also makes a side mention earlier to Frank about how it was Sam that brought him to her out of the gutter, so that would explain why Frank’s loyalty was a huge part to Sam, although now it’s clearly to Annalise.


Speaking of Frank’s loyalty to Sam, obviously it was him who killed Lila on behalf of Sam. Bonnie figures out quickly it was for Sam and Annalise had nothing to do with it, and Frank doesn’t want Annalise to know. Too bad for him that Laurel tells Annalise herself. Or rather she drunkenly accuses her of planning it. See Annalise loses it at the team and makes them all go out to get drunk and party together. What else is there to do, really? They were all stressed from having to answer questions from the DA about what they were doing on Philip’s tape. They drink and dance, and Asher and Michaela hook up even though she’s terrified Caleb’s dead since he went missing. I guess it was supposed to be a shocking hook up, but I didn’t really feel it was. They were drunk and they’ve all been spending a lot of time together lately. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often! Anyway Laurel accuses Annalise, who gets so shocked and thrown off that she flees her house to go see her mother.

She should have gone with Eve! Eve who offered her to move to NYC and live in her highly protected building. Eve who adores her beyond belief and is the best. But their relationship would probably be too nice and healthy, if Annalise gave into it. So Wes now knows how his mother died and who his father is. We know the sad fate of Annalise’s child. Frank’s crime in season one is out in the open to a few key people. That wraps up a few things, but the question is if they’ll end Philip’s storyline and what the next big mystery will be. I feel like we’ve reached the point where one of the main cast has to die. I’m really hoping it won’t be Oliver, who has quit his job and wants to work with Annalise full time. He always feels like he has a death sentence over his head on the show for being a sweetheart. But I can’t see Connor forgiving or helping cover up anything about his beloved Ollie’s death, and that’s generally how Murder Team rolls. I just hope it isn’t Frank or Bonnie. They’re my favorites. But you never know. I want this finale to come now and I dread it, since that means so long to wait.

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