Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 2×13

Posted: March 13, 2016 by Dee in Dee, General Media, HTGAWM, Recaps, Television


There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Eve’s back! Eve’s back! Yay! Even if my ship has some really painful moments in this episode, it’s worth it, because having Famke back on this show is always a delight. She’s in the flashbacks and in the current world. We find out what really happened to Wes’ mother Rose, and LIKE I SAID, he’s not the killer. Seriously folks. Of course he didn’t do it. But it definitely puts into focus some of Annalise’s guilt over the matter. Previously on HTGAWM, Rose is dead, possibly because she was involved as the only alibi to a case she wasn’t actually a witness too. And they’re willing to threaten her until she says she was. Annalise wants to win that case in the flashbacks and she’s also heavily pregnant. So you know that’s not going to go well. Wes is trying to get to the truth about his mother’s death. Frank admitted to Laurel that he killed Lilah. Philip has been threatening them with videos of the shooting night and that he’s stalking everyone.

I kind of miss when they had real cases on the show, I hope the personal plotlines wrap up a little more so we can have an occasional outside case. The one with the young killer and the forgiving mother was interesting, for example. There’s this great moment in this episode when the team works together being shady and it’s fun to watch. Annalise decides to bring Philip’s threats to the DA in exchange for immunity. Instead the DA wants to mess with them and search her house, but she warns Bonnie. They fake a judge’s court order so when the search is done, it’s done illegally. YIKES. HAHAHA. I mean I hate that I root for these people doing horrible illegal things but I did clap in delight. They want real immunity so they can help track down Philip. However, Philip is stalking Wes because when Annalise goes there to finally talk to him about his mother, she is yoinked by Philip. EEEEK. She’s on the phone with Eve at the time, who is with Wes. He confronted her because she was connected to his mother’s case, and now he thinks he might have killed his mother.


But we know that’s not what happens because we see her death. Eve shows up in order to apply pressure on Rose so she’ll agree to testify. Mahoney wants it to happen no matter what, and Rose is getting increasingly desperate. Annalise tries to convince her one last time, saying it’s what best for her and Christophe, since Mahoney’s a creep and might do questionable things to them. Pushed to her limit, Rose decides the only thing to do to protect her son from this situation is to off herself. So she did in fact commit suicide, right in front of Annalise. Annalise flees, which leads to Wes finding his mother, and that is horrific. I get her reasons why, she’s panicking and desperate herself, but that kid finding the body is so terrible. Little does he know that taking the knife out of his mother’s neck made her die faster. Poor little Wes. He’s blocked all of this out somehow. Laurel seems to think he did it, and Annalise isn’t really spilling yet.

Cutely, the whole group have a sleep over since they’re terrified of Philip. It’s nice to see them all being pals. Murder club FTW? Oliver’s there too and he reveals Connor wants to transfer. Michaela begs him in the night not to leave her, and he says he doesn’t think he’ll get in anyway as a response. Also Laurel and Frank break up and Bonnie now seems to know that Frank killed Lila. I really do love the friendship with Bonnie and Frank, and she doesn’t seem upset to know any of this. Then again she did murder Rebecca, so. They bond over both sleeping with the wrong people (Laurel and Asher). We’re getting some glimpses of their relationships to the Keatings in the past. I want more more more more. Their friendship and relationship to Annalise remains one of my favorite aspects of the show. Philip grabbing Annalise was terrifying and her screaming at Eve to dial 911, ahhhhh! What a great way to end the episode. If you’re a horrible person, like this show is. I do hope eventually we wrap up a few of these things so the team can get back to doing the law.

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