There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Ahhhh rich white dudes. Always the true villains of most things.  I cracked up because Tumblr was screaming about how this says that Wes was always a murderer from a young age. I think it’s pretty clear that they set up that last shot only to freak us out, but there’s no way I believe that’s the actual story. C’mon now people. You should know a red herring when you see it on this show. Previously on How To Get Away With Murder, Wes show Annalise when she said Rebecca was dead, so they could frame Catherine. But Annalise almost died, and Wes now knows she has a connection to his mother’s death. Frank told Laurel that he killed Lilah. Yikes. Philip has apparently been stalking all of them and knows they were there the night of the shooting. They’re not sure what to do about that. In flashbacks we’re getting more info about Annalise and Wes, and a time when Annalise was happy and about to give birth to a child.

Let’s just deal with the flashbacks first. Annalise is fairly suspicious about her clients and whether Rose is telling the truth about what she saw. Rose is probably under duress, but she says she has the alibi for the son who is under investigation for murder. Annalise feels confident that she’ll solve the case for her, but then Rose doesn’t show up to court to testify. Yiiiiiikes. The rich folk (Mahoneys) are furious at Annalise and not above threatening Rose. I’m sure we’re about to see how ruthless Annalise is willing to get, and how that’s going to feed into her guilt re: Wes very well. We see that Wes has the knife in his hand, standing over his mother’s dead body, and that Annalise is running away from the scene. More on that next week, probably.


In present time, they’re all dealing with Philip’s threat to spread the tape of them running from the house if they don’t give him a million dollars. Annalise calls his bluff and refuses to pay, but he shows a video taken only the night before of her and Nate making up. So he’s stalking them, and he’s definitely a dangerous murderer if you remember, so this is not good in any way. Since I’m not really a big fan of Annalise and Nate’s relationship, I kind of sighed my way through that, but I do want her to have some small moments of happiness so I’ll take it. Meanwhile Laurel and Wes get closer as they run off to investigate his mother’s death. They do end up making out, and she’s ignoring Frank’s calls since he murdered Lilah and she knows it now. But Laurel rips out a page in the report that indicates that Wes was suspected of the murder. She’s horrified and confronts Annalise about it, and that’s when the show ends before Annalise can answer if Wes killed his mother.

C’mon now. Of course he didn’t. LOL. I didn’t for a second think that was true. It would be interesting if it was true, but the facts laid out as we see now, it’s definitely not. I still wish that Annalise was his true mother because I liked that theory from day one. But I guess she still feels somewhat maternal over him out of guilt. I’m not sure how to feel about Laurel and Wes, it is a little forced honestly, and I liked them as friends. But I get how in the situation they’re in now, it leads them to get closer and cling to each other. That makes sense. Philip needs to be handled and handled quickly, the creep. NEXT WEEK EVE IS BACK. I love Eve so much. Maybe she’s just in flashbacks but I don’t care. Eveeeeee.


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