There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I don’t want it to be over, but if this is the end of Agent Carter, I find myself overall satisfied with the conclusion. The episode is called “Hollywood Ending” and that is kind of what it is. All the storylines are resolved. Peggy finds true love again and goes for it. I love how her type of man is always the underdog, because she’s that kind of dame! I just wanted her to be happy, and clearly she is, which made me smile. We saw the return of Howard Stark who is always a delight to have around. I enjoyed this season a great deal and I wish I could be promised more, but it seems very unlikely. If all we got were these two short seasons, I’ll have to accept that, and at least it was a really fun two seasons. Previously on Agent Carter, Whitney Frost has gone off the rails and she is the supervillain they all have to deal with. Peggy’s in the middle of a love triangle whether she likes it or not. Ana Jarvis was shot but she’s recovered now and she’s still the best. Whitney’s obsessed with Zero Matter, and they have to find a way to stop it from getting back into the world.

So Jack and Peggy were at a stand off in the end of the last episode, but that situation is resolved because Wilkes let loose his Zero Matter. Unfortunately, Whitney just absorbs it, becoming more dangerous than ever. Jarvis appears at just the right time to knock her out with a car, with Howard Stark in the back seat snarking about her being an Oscar winner. Oh never change, Howard. The team have to figure out how to stop her, while Whitney is putting all her considerable brain power into re-opening a portal so she can reconnect with whatever gave her the power in the first place. She’s definitely started to lose her mind, and I can’t blame her, clearly there’s power hungry and then there’s also some alien force in her mind. Manfredi, while devoted to Whitney, understands that she’s no longer herself and he’s worried. He decides to help Team Carter in exchange for them helping Whitney rather than killing her. They agree to that. They need a look at her designs for the portal, so he distracts her with beating up one of his people. That gives them a chance to go in and take pictures of her project and swoop out a few moments later.



They use all their talents to get the portal open, and also the thing that will close the portal ready. Howard’s there to give it an extra kick, and he bonds with Wilkes over the design. I love how Howard lacks any real judgment when it comes to genius. I don’t think it would occur to him to discount Wilkes because of his race. All he cares about is his brilliant mind, which is why it made me smile that he had Wilkes take up command of one of his science centers later. Yes it got Wilkes neatly out of the way, but it did seem like a happy ending for him too. He finally has the recognition and support he deserves. The last confrontation with Whitney leads her to the portal, and they shut her down by taking all her power out. She’s horrified, and it leaves her a broken shell later, which is rather unfortunate. I really liked her, for all her evil deeds.

Daniel decides to sacrifice himself to help close the portal because it’s gone wonky. He ties himself to something, and rather than letting him die when it goes awry, Peggy runs forward to save her man. And yes, he is her man, as you can see from the images above. He teases her later that she should have left him to die, since that’s what she wanted him to do when Wilkes threatened her with the gun. The whole team get together to save Daniel and close the portal. Success! Peggy and Jarvis have one more sweet send off as she’s supposed to go back to NYC, but he does suggest she stay. She decides that Daniel is a reason to stay after he teases her, and they have a passionate make out session in his office. It is freaking adorable and even if I didn’t ship them before, I definitely shipped them after that. I like that Peggy ┬áis drawn to people who are kind and often overlooked by everyone else, but have good heads and hearts. She has excellent taste! Even if she does decide to give up her life in NYC, she’ll be in LA with her friends and still fighting for justice with her department. Daniel certainly respects her abilities more than anyone else, so she’d never get disrespected in the work place. It is a nice ending for her, and I smiled. I’m glad for Peggy. She has love, respect, friendship, and saved the world a few times now. Peggy Carter is the best, the end.

Also they end it with Jack getting shot, probably fatally. I’m not sure why they put in that little cliffhanger considering it’s unlikely they’re getting a third season. I mean I hope they do, but the ratings are really bad, and Hayley’s already signed on for a different show. She said she can still work out the timing, but I think the days are numbered. Since I don’t care about Jack I kind of shrugged, lol, that’s so mean. But if the show continues, I imagine solving his murder will be the next thing on their minds. Overall I was happy with this season. It had some weak spots and I know it didn’t satisfy everyone, but I was content. If this is the end, I’m okay with it being a Hollywood ending. I will just have to hope that we see Peggy Carter again one day. This is a nice send off for her either way.


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