There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I was not actually aware that Diggle was going to show up, so I was delighted to see both him and Lyla! It was a nice nod to the fact she’s in charge of ARGUS now, and I was a little ??? about King Shark showing up again. It was pretty funny when they had him show up for only a few seconds before, and I wasn’t sure what to make of a whole episode. Well it wasn’t so bad! This was really more about the aftermath of the Earth-2 fiasco. One has to wonder why Harrison Wells believed anyone would shut their mouths about what happened there. Who are you talking to? It’s a miracle the two of them didn’t spill it all immediately. Anyway previously on The Flash, they escaped Earth-2 but Jay was stabbed through the chest by Zoom and pulled back through the portal. Yikes. While on Earth-2, Barry had to deal with the fact he was married to Iris, and also watch Joe die. It was harsh. Also Wally West is now on the show and has a complicated journey ahead of him making a family with Iris and Joe.

First going to deal with the Wally storyline since it’s pretty secondary. Or thirdly, fourthly, whatever. He’s jealous of Barry, because Iris and Joe always talk about how perfect he is, and he’s basically the son Joe actually got to raise. It’s a reasonable tension for the two of them, especially with Barry being kind of out of it and not particularly friendly. They managed to make some kind of peace as Wally deals with his relationship to his family separately, and seems to be interested in making cool new speed gadgets. Barry’s out of it because Harrison told him and Cisco not to mention what happened in Earth-2 at all. He’s grieving over Jay, feeling guilty over abandoning the world, and losing sight of what kind of hero he is. Getting his ass tossed around by a ridiculous giant shark probably doesn’t help. Eventually of course he breaks down and tells Iris and Joe the truth. I love how they just laughed about him being married to Iris. The show really hasn’t done anything with that ship, and I like their sibling thing, so I shrugged along with them. But I’m sure to shipping fans it was a little annoying.


The Flash — “King Shark” — Image FLA215b_0120 — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, and David Ramsey as John Diggle — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Caitlin is not dealing with her grief because she lost Ronnie twice and now Jay. Cisco sees it as her becoming Killer Frost, which is stupid considering she has no powers and GRIEVING does not equal EVIL. Jeez, buddy. She reassures him of that. Harrison and his daughter start working together to help with the King Shark, and she’s awesome, I love Jesse. Keep her around. Diggle and Lyla need the help of Team Arrow, and he defeats King Shark by electrocuting him in the water. Honestly that was a genuinely fun scene where he’s running on water with the shark trying to eat him every step of the way. He comes back to tell everyone that he’s determined to try and get back to Earth-2 to save their world and stop Zoom. He’s just not sure how, but hopefully they can work together on that.

Meanwhile we see that Zoom takes off his mask and he’s – EVERYONE GASP NOW? – Jay Garrick. Or rather Hunter Zolomon, probably. He’s a little irritated that he’s now killed his counterpart, or appears to be. He looked pretty dead there but maybe he’s not. Anyway, most comic fans knew as soon as that name came up what was going to happen. I’m still a little disappointed it wasn’t something more exciting, like Earth-2 Barry or his father, but c’est la vie. We’ll learn more about this, but not for AN ENTIRE MONTH. Waaaaah. No. Oh well. It was a good solid episode, and considering them came off a fantastic two-parter, they did their best to make this a good aftermath one. It’s nice to see big things happen and then characters actually respond and react. And change. But seriously, Cisco. Caitlin’s grieving and you think she’ll turn evil? Silly.


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