Dee Discusses: Lucifer 1×5

Posted: February 28, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Dee, General Media, Lucifer, Recaps, Television, Uncategorized


There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I don’t think I’ll be reviewing this show anymore on here. It’s kind of boring and procedurals are just not super fun to write about. People don’t really change. It’s just a mission of the week. I’ll admit I’m a lot more critical of this show than I would be most, because I love the source material so much. Then again, most cop procedurals I flat out ignore. This one only got me here because of the source material. Just so you know, this is not what the comic is like at all. Lucifer is NOTHING like this horrible trope-filled version. It’s all infuriating. The only reason I was halfway interested in next week’s episode is it seems to indicate we’ll be dealing with more devil-specific stuff. And not just stupid crime stuff. But we’ll see. I doubt that’ll stay true. Previously on Lucifer, the devil has retired to LA to sleep around and be annoying as shit. He’s intrigued by police detective Chloe because the writers want him to be, not because she actually is intriguing. Lucifer was shot last week and realized he actually was bleeding.

So for some reason he thinks this is all just really fun and that being shot and possibly killed would be exciting. The comic fan in me wants to bang my head against something. Honestly he is begging to die at this point. Just let it happen, showrunners. He convinces the police captain to let him work with Chloe because no one cares if it makes sense, they just want it to happen. He helps her with a new case where an artist/shoe designer gets shot at during a design show. Lucifer made a deal with him years before that turned him into a success, but his friend/partner went to jail. Lucifer I guess is supposed to learn that his actions have consequences, so “making a deal with the devil” doesn’t just end there. I don’t think he’s self aware enough to make a difference. The guy from jail ended up being a pretty good guy, but he’s being framed for the shooting. Instead I’m just going to solve the mystery and say the guy who made the devil deal was the real culprit. Duh. He already sold his soul. C’mon now.


Maze is pissed off that Lucifer’s being the worst. Well more worst than usual. She tells the angel he’s been seeing the shrink, so¬†Amenadiel is pretending to be a human to figure out what Lucifer is telling her. Maze does swoop in to save his life when Lucifer’s in real trouble because that’s what she does. But she’s clearly pissed at him for taking it for granted so much. Just let him go, Maze. be like oh I couldn’t get there in time oh well. I would love to see her get more to do and for them to do more devil/god/mythology stuff. Rather than this foolishness. But I’m skeptical that’s going to happen much.

So I will be continuing to watch the show, although I doubt I’ll make it much longer, but no longer writing about it. Cheers.


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