There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I love Arrow, but unfortunately there are times when certain storylines really irritate me, and I can’t just assume they’ll go away because usually those are the ones that stick around. This whole baby momma drama is a big example. I am so over it, I was over it from her first ridiculous ultimatum, and it’s all manufactured drama to break up Olicity. I get that they feel they can’t have Oliver too happy, like it’ll make for worse TV if he is. I’m not so sure I agree with that assessment, although I do have to acknowledge that tension and drama comes from conflict, so having happy characters can be problems for good TV. For something like a sitcom it’s fine, but for a drama, less so. I just wish the drama made sense, and this doesn’t. Previously on Arrow, Oliver agreed to tell no one about his secret son in exchange for seeing him. Malcolm Merlyn knew about it, and after Oliver beat him and the League of Assassins was disbanded by Nyssa, he swore vengeance. He told Darhk about William. Someone has to kill the shit out of Malcolm Merlyn. I hope he’s the “he” in the flashforwards. Quentin Lance has been dating Felicity’s mom Donna, who is great. Oliver’s running for Mayor, but Darhk’s wife is now running against him.

I had to look up Darhk’s wife’s name, it’s Ruvé. I kind of like that name. And she is as fierce and evil as her husband. Behind the scenes Darhk is making plans on behalf of HIVE. Apparently HIVE works in that he’s the leader, but he has to answer to a board. It’s kind of like how SHIELD worked before it was dismantled. Malcolm Merlyn is now a part of HIVE. Kill him, Kill him, Kill him. They send a crew called the Demolition Team to kill Lance. They literally tear a building out from under him, and he only barely escapes with his life with Laurel’s help. This was a really great scene. They did one shot, with him and Laurel escaping, and it reminded me a little of Daredevil’s good action sequences. He knows he’s in danger now so he tries to push Donna away, and she breaks up with him because she knows he’s lying to her. Felicity does kind of try to make peace, saying he probably is trying to protect her, but as we know on this freaking show secrets never do that. Seriously guys. Never. Learn your damn lesson. Keeping people in the dark only makes them more vulnerable.


Arrow — “Code of Silence” — Image AR414A_0012b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as The Arrow, David Ramsey as John Diggle/Spartan, and Willa Holland as Thea Queen / Speedy — Photo: Katie Yu/ The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of vulnerable, Thea figures out about William because they’re trying to look into Oliver’s past to see if he has weaknesses for the politics. She tells him to keep lying to stay in William’s life. UM I AM PRETTY SURE YOU WERE NOT TOO HAPPY WITH ALL THE LIES ABOUT WHO YOUR FATHER TRULY WAS, THEA. Of all people I feel like Thea would be someone who wouldn’t approve of this, but I guess they’d like to make her super OOC just to serve this stupid plot. Anyway they try to destroy the building with the debate, so Oliver and Ruvé don’t have to go up against each other. It was sort of misleading to indicate that the entire episode was going to be Oliver trying to escape, like the promos did, but obviously Team Arrow gets out fine. And we don’t see the debate, but Oliver is claimed to have won it by the pundits. Curtis surprises Felicity with a prototype chip that might help her walk. Aw. They throw in a nod to his comic counterpart by Oliver calling him “terrific!”

So the ending shot is that Darhk has kidnapped William, who is now a playmate for his daughter. Obviously all this is going to come to light. I’m shocked Oliver hasn’t realized that the lie is going to come out, considering MALCOLM MERLYN KNEW. Come the fuck on, you are not this dumb, Merlyn was going to use it against you immediately. Arghhhh. The flashbacks continue to be completely useless and I hate the wasted time we have on them. The Olicity break up is happening for sure in the next episode, and it will be over Oliver’s continued lies. I still think this is stupid as all hell. He could have easily told his team privately about the boy, and his baby momma would have had ZERO IDEA. They’re in the business of keeping secrets. This is all super dumb and I am not looking forward to next week, outside of hoping now that it’s out we can all move on from the suckiness that is this general plot. And closer to who is in the grave. I’m guessing Quentin or Donna at this point. Donna’s been around a LOT lately.


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