There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Another two parter oh my goodness. I mean on one hand I was like yes, yes, give me more, don’t make me wait. On the other I had to accept that next week is the last episode and I get so sad about it. Because a third season is very unlikely, and if this is all we get of Agent Carter, at least it was an amazing two seasons. Previously on Agent Carter, Whitney’s taken over the Council and she kidnapped Wilkes to try and figure out their Zero Matter problem together. In order to distract Peggy and Jarvis, who were rescuing Dottie at the time, she shot Ana Jarvis in the stomach. Also Jack was the protege of an evil guy Kurtwood Smith plays, I just call him Kurtwood, and we’re not sure if he’ll continue being a douche or not. Jack probably will. He just probably won’t be an evil douche. Just a normal one. Also Peggy and Sousa almost kissed and there’s that underlining romantic drama that isn’t as annoying as usual because everyone’s nice to each other about it.

So a biiiiig thing happens in this one, definitely to wound the love triangle, which is that Wilkes purposely is working with Whitney now. He even puts a gun on Peggy to get Sousa to tell him where uranium is at the office. Damn, son. Now she’s going to say later that he did it for his own reasons, or that he’s badly influenced by the zero matter. Or that he was desperate, and I agree with that, he probably is. But that was a pretty horrific decision to make all things considered, and I can’t imagine her really forgiving him in the end.  But I think it’s a credit to the actor that I still like Wilkes and I wish him the best; he was put in a really bad position. Whitney and Wilkes are connecting now over hearing a weird voice from the other side and the power running in them. Jack does try to stop them from taking the uranium, showing himself firmly to be on the side of the angels for once. He might be a jerk about it, but he’s not evil. Ish. The group has to rush for the desert where Whitney is using the uranium to try to connect with the voice on the other side.


Meanwhile Ana is fighting for her life, but she does manage to come out of it after a very sweet scene with Jarvis begging her to wake up. Those two! They’re so wonderful. Unfortunately she has lost the ability to have children due to complications with surgery. Now I couldn’t help go “again, Marvel???” after the Black Widow situation, but I do think this is a different thing. This is a happily married couple who clearly did want to have a family one day and can’t now because of a violent act. My heart goes out to them, although I do know one day they will basically raise Tony Stark so there’s that. This does lead Jarvis onto a war path however. Wilkes is sucked into the portal-like thing that they created, with Whitney screaming in fury about being left behind. But thanks to a gamma cannon, Team Awesome manages to stop it in its tracks, leaving Wilkes to crash behind.

Jarvis takes this opportunity to steal a truck and go after them rather than stay behind. Peggy has to abandon the others to go after him. He straight up shoots Whitney to death. I have to say I both gasped and clapped. I swear I would not make it as a superhero because I was like YEAH KILL HER. I love her as a villain, but I’m not sure I get why Peggy is so NOOOOO at Jarvis. Probably because she was unarmed, but I don’t know, she’s never really unarmed Peggy. In either case they take Jarvis and Peggy captive so they can have power over Wilkes, leaving the other men driftless for the time being. This was a great episode! It had some clever dialogue, excellent acting by James D’Arcy and Lotte Verbeek, and had me on the edge of my seat. I am glad ultimately that Jack turned to the light side, even if I still think he’s a snake in the grass. Whitney’s devastated screams what about meeeeee at Wilkes being taken was really interesting to me, and super fun to hear. Wynn does a great line reading. I’m very fond of her. I just needed to get to the next episode immediately!


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