There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This two parter was so intense! I was just coming off of the exciting conclusion of the last one and going WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN. It’s sad though because it means the end is coming so fast. I removed Agents of SHIELD from my DVR so that’ll be if after this is done. Oh well. It’s very unlikely we will be getting another season, unfortunately. This is a far better show than AoS. Oh well. Previously on Agent Carter, Peggy and co. broke Dottie out of captivity so she could help them steal Whitney’s blood. They are hoping that it would help Wilkes stop disappearing. Dottie witnessed Whitney kill most of the council and her husband, and when she tried to escape, she was caught again. Ana Jarvis is the best ever. Peggy got injured so she’s not on top of her game, and Sousa’s engagement was called off (for now) because of his feelings for Peggy.

So the council has decided to work for Whitney, since she has all the power. This makes her more dangerous than ever before. She is enjoying all the power at her disposal, but she wants Wilkes back. They share something important due to the Zero Matter that’s in them. Dottie has no trouble with torture and won’t give them information, but Whitney has a more unique way of torturing people so she breaks Dottie. Breaking a Black Widow is impressive. They are tough as nails. She tells her about Wilkes and the machine they’ve created, and why they stole her blood. Meanwhile Wilkes is sort of losing his cool. He keeps almost disappearing, and when he gains physical form, he immediately kisses Peggy. I’m kind of like whoa there buddy. I know you guys kissed once, but you come on a tiny bit strong. Still, he’s just really excited to be solid. He has to stay within this little machine they made though. He’s alarmed when Peggy decides to go rescue Dottie rather than keep helping him. She claims that Dottie’s situation is her fault and she’s basically honor bound to help her. Ooookay. That sounds fake, but okay.


Jarvis and Peggy bring this cool machine Howard created, hoping to knock people out to go steal Dottie. The code doesn’t work, but it’s because Jarvis used the waited one. They’re captured briefly, but Dottie reveals the trap wasn’t for them. It was for Wilkes! Ana and Wilkes are bonding over her fears for her husband, and they’re drinking. Whitney breaks in and convinces Wilkes to come with her. Well, vaguely convinces him. She thinks she can help him, and the two of them together can get to the heart of what happened to them. She really plans on taking him either way. She shoots Ana in the stomach when she sees Peggy getting back so they have to save her instead. Jarvis and Peggy wait in the hospital to hear news of Ana. He looks like a wreck. Look up there. Great acting, James D’Arcy!

Whitney’s such a smart person, I really do enjoy her as a villain. She’s crafty. Seeing her break Dottie was like daaaaamn she’s tough. I am definitely interested in her and Wilkes and their connection, and what the voices apparently mean. I look forward to more answers on that one. There was a cute-ish scene with Jarvis talking to Peggy about the love triangle she’s in, where she’s like … I so did not plan this. It’s uncomfortable. I feel weird about it. And he’s like IKR. They are best friends, their relationship is the thing I’ll always remember the most about this show. And I can imagine him and Ana raising Tony since Howard was apparently the worst father ever, and Peggy giving him advice. I was delighted to see more of Ana in this episode, and even if she got shot, good on her to go and try to stop them from taking Wilkes. It’s such a good show, I’m going to miss it. Next week I guess we get another two-parter and then the finale. Noooo. I’m not ready. Sigh.


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