Dee Discusses: Agent Carter 2×6

Posted: February 25, 2016 by Dee in Agent Carter, Comics, Dee, General Media, Marvel, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Dear Whitney: Do not feel bad about murdering your husband. Not that I’m on your side or anything, but he really had it coming, didn’t he? This was a two part night which I didn’t know going in, so it was like a double dose of awesome. Yaaaaay! Plus Dottie! And Jarvis undercover! And more sexual tension for everyone? I spent the two hours grinning like an idiot, but each episode really did have a full story and arc to itself, so I decided to write them separately. Previously on Agent Carter, this is the best f’n show. Anyway Peggy’s in town trying to figure out the dealings of the evil but brilliant Whitney Frost. She messed with zero matter and now has super powers, whereas Dr. Wilkes (who is sweet on Peggy) has been made into a ghost by it. Dottie was taken into custody and has a big crush on Peggy. Sousa and his girlfriend got engaged, but then she took a step back when she saw his feelings for Peggy. Smart girl, that Violet. She has a lot of self respect, and she doesn’t take it out on Peggy. I love how women support each other on this show.

Peggy is seriously injured so she has to take a step back from major battles for this episode. She needs to send someone else in to infiltrate a big council meeting that Whitney’s husband called for her. It’s going to be a party, but they don’t have another good agent to go in. So Peggy decides to do something insane and let Dottie out. We all knew that wasn’t going to go well, including Peggy, but desperate times. In exchange for letting her out, she would hopefully get Whitney’s blood, which could help save Wilkes from disappearing altogether. She goes undercover with Edwin Jarvis (YAY). They do run into Thompson and Kurtwood Smith’s character, I forgot his name, he’s just Kurtwood okay. Seriously Jack, you are so becoming HYDRA and my patience for you has always been nil to start with. Kurtwood is like Peggy is bad for you and you need to get rid of her. JACK COME ON. He is clearly evil.


Dottie manages to get the blood from Whitney pretty easily, but she tries to escape. Instead she gets locked in a room with Whitney and the council. Chadwick ratted her out to them and they planned on killing her/maybe experimenting on her? Either way she was too dangerous, and then she kills half the council and kills her husband too. I don’t blame her. He was holding her back anyway. She then takes over the council and they’re all like “YUP WHATEVER YOU WANT.” I wonder how her power is going to remain over them once they’re not in a room though? I guess they could keep being afraid she’d just find them. Or they recognize that she got the power from somewhere and want to see where her leadership is headed. Either way, still loving her as a character, and kind of excited to see the match up with her and Dottie too. So many awesome ladies this season. I do miss Angie though.

Sousa and Peggy have a moment after he tells her that Violet thinks he has feelings for her. They almost kiss. They are interrupted by a man thrown out a window above as Dottie attempts to escape. She’s taken though but it looks like the blood was grabbed by Jarvis before he was escorted out. So they have the blood to help Wilkes. But Dottie’s now in new custody, or much more dangerous custody. Technically the same custody since Kurtwood’s a bad guy. This was a great episode! It has such great movement and I couldn’t wait for episode two, but there’s not too much to say in reflection here since it bleeds right into the next.


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