There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) is back! Ahhhhhh! I was stressed just thinking about it, but obviously very excited to get back to Murder Club. Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise begged Wes to shoot her so they could pin Catherine for the shooting. Frank drugged the girl and everything was planted, since they knew Catherine was working with Philip. I’m not going to bother explaining all of this to you, because if you’re reading this you should basically know what all of this means. The ADA was also killed by Asher and planted there as part of the cover up. So everyone is in Murder Club now. The kids refused to shoot Annalise, who wanted to be wounded, but she told Wes that Rebecca was dead. She only wanted to be shot a little but he full out almost killed her. She said his name Christophe and he was like whaaaaat. So this is going to pick up after that. Also Bonnie and Annalise had a falling out right before that because Annalise showed Asher a tape of Bonnie’s father raping her as a child. Yuuuuck. And Michaela got together with Caleb, but he showed her Rebecca’s gun and tie to Philip. So a lot going on! Here we go!

This takes place later now that Annalise is recovering. She’s finally home but she’s not doing great. Bonnie’s right back to being her right hand woman, trying to take care of her, and naturally Annalise is like NOPE about it. She wants to be alone. Unfortunately once she’s alone she starts hallucinating a woman (who eventually is revealed to be Wes’ mother Rose) giving her a baby and running off. She hears the baby crying a lot during this episode and maybe it’s the drugs, or a mixture of her guilt and the drugs. We still don’t know exactly what part she played in Rose’s eventual death. Wes has withdrawn from everyone and only Laurel knows he was the one who shot Annalise. Asher is staying with Connor and Oliver, the latter of whom is not impressed with their new frat boy guest, but everyone’s feeling bad for him. They have to deal with Catherine’s hearing, and Annalise isn’t fit to show up due to hallucinating. They try to send a letter to say she’s not capable of being there and a statement, but the judge is like noooope she needs to come in. HARSH. Let the woman heal!


Annalise shows up and maintains that Catherine shot her. However, she seems to throw the case while on the stand, saying she didn’t remember anything really and breaking attorney/client privilege. This seems shocking except it was part of the plan: in true Annalise form she didn’t want someone innocent to go down for something if she could help it. Catherine agreed to a lesser deal in exchange for blaming it all on Philip and Annalise helping her do that. Problem solved, for now, but remember Philip was there the night all that went down so he’s not gone for good. I’m upset Eve isn’t here! Where is Eve! Annalise needs you. And Eve is the only one who knows what happened with Wes too, so we need her around. Asher is now convinced that his father was killed instead of committed suicide. I think his dad did commit suicide (probably), but this is set up for something else. Because what if Wes’ mother didn’t? HMMMM. Annalise keeps approaching her and she’s very, very pregnant. Uh oh.

Wes does confront Annalise about knowing his mother and his true name. He gets aggressive with her and she seems genuinely afraid of him, so he backs off. Wes continues to be the least interesting character on the show for me, but I do like his relationship to other people. He brings out really interesting things in the people around him, like Laurel who is now like his mini-protector. I think the kids are doing better about supporting each other, and I’m pleased to see that. We know that Frank and Bonnie are so intense about Annalise and each other, and now the junior class is slowly getting there. This was a hard episode to watch since Annalise is spiraling, but I really like that we’re seeing the clear aftermath of all these things. They’re not playing nice. This show never plays nice. Can’t wait until the next ep!


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