The Flash — “Welcome to Earth-2” — Image FLA213b_0137b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Dances. Sings. Twirls. EARTH 2 EARTH 2 EARTH 2. Listen I’ve been wanting this from the first time it was introduced, so I was delighted to finally get our characters over to the parallel world. Now there are endless ones in the multiverse, which I think we’ll get into more as the show goes on, and maybe Legends of Tomorrow will do a little more with that as time goes on. But this was so fun! I enjoyed every second of it. Previously on The Flash, Wells admitted he was helping Zoom, and Barry decided to go to Earth 2  to help him save Jesse and get a good idea of what was happening there. We’ve seen already that friends and foes over there are not exactly what we know, like Linda being a villain. They’ve been teasing Caitlin as Killer Frost for a long time. This is actually who she is in the comics, not a good guy, so it was fuuuuuun to see her this way.

So Barry, Cisco, and Wells go through the last portal. The plan is to go in, try to save Jesse, and come back, closing the last one for good and moving on. Although it does kind of leave Earth 2 up to Zoom to torture forever, which is harsh. Joe, Jay, Caitlin, and Iris are left on the other side to take care of their city. A metahuman attacks and Jay is forced to use Velocity to become a speedster and help them. He is a little rusty at it, but it works for now, but the city is like FLASH WHERE ARE YOU ????? I’ve been side eying Jay for awhile now, especially when they revealed Hunter Zolomon as his other self, but his reliance on Velocity is going to be a big turning point for him I think. More on that possibly on the future. But that’s basically what happens on normal Earth. I’m not sure we even needed that, but oh well.


The real story is on Earth 2! Barry quickly sees his other world self, a weak and overly cutesy and fearful version they knock out and hide, who is married to the hard as nails police officer Iris West. Her father Joe is a club singer (I see you guys using Jesse to his full potential!) and not a police officer. There is a genuinely heartbreaking moment when Barry gets to call his mother, who is alive in this world. Joe actually hates Barry, believing it’s his fault Iris is a police officer and in danger too much. However, Caitlin Snow is actually Killer Frost and Ronnie is Deathstorm here, and they work for Zoom. They sense there’s someone around that shouldn’t be, so they confront everyone directly. Barry is forced to fight them. Eventually they run into evil Cisco as well, also working with Zoom but very power hungry and violent. Zoom gets pissed that they try to kill Barry, so he murders both other Cisco and Deathstorm. Ohhhhh shiiiiiit. I mean they can kill people in this world without caring much, but it’s fun to see Zoom as the villain he is.

In the end of that fight he manages to snatch Barry and put him in a prison at his lair. He meets Jesse for the first time who is also stuck there. It looks like Wells and Cisco are on their own, or at least they will be until the next part of the episode. This is a two parter, huzzah. I loved this episode from beginning to finish. I love parallel worlds, and I think the acting is really fun here. OH GOD I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT JOE WEST DIES. Wow, way to skip over that. It’s painful as hell to watch even if he’s not the same person. He gets killed by Killer Frost and Barry and Iris are both devastated obviously. She’s going to be on the war path after this. My heeeearttttt. I do have to wonder what it was about this world that led Joe to be a club singer, and Barry to be such a wimpy little guy. Why would Iris be attracted to someone like that? Why would they still end up together if they never grew up together either? Hmmmm. Either way, I don’t care. This was a great episode and I could not wait to see the rest of it. This season has been very solid overall.


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