There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I do like how consistently this show has talked about Kara’s struggle with being an alien on Earth. I always felt like I understood her pain about this more than Clark’s, because he was raised as a baby on Earth, he was never a part of Krypton. Kara actually lived on Krypton up until her teenage years. She remembers it and her family well. So there’s more justifiable pain there, in my opinion. However, I do hope that after this season is over they branch out to different storylines. There’s only so much of “yeah we get it she doesn’t really fit here, aye aye,” before it starts getting boring. Previously on Supergirl, Kara freaked out about Bizarro and dumped Cat’s son Adam before they really got started. Maxwell Lord was taken into custody and basically kidnapped by Alex. Astra and her husband were plotting things, but Astra has been wishy washy when fighting her niece, who she used to love. At the end of last episode, Kara came back to find this weird looking plant thing in her house, and it attacked her.

They start out pretty much immediately after that with her friends coming to the apartment to find her, since it’s not like her to go silent. They bring her to the DEO, and now Jimmy and Winn are kind of in with the DEO whether they like it or not. They can’t really figure out what’s going on with the alien, and when they try to detach it from Kara, it almost kills her. Alex is losing her cool and thinks Maxwell is behind it, but he doesn’t really have that ability. So she goes looking for Astra instead, who already has a sense of what was happening from her husband. He was using it as a non-lethal (although no less awful) way to get Kara out of the way for their plan. See while¬†they are all fighting to figure out what is wrong with her, Kara is in a dream world where Krypton never was destroyed and she’s happy with her family. The Black Mercy – that’s the name of the alien thing on her – gives someone their happiest vision so they never wake up. The only way they can wake up is if they choose to. At first Kara tries, but eventually she gives in to the fantasy.


Alex chooses to go into Kara’s psyche to try and pull her out of it. It’s from Astra’s suggestion since she still has trouble letting her niece suffer that way. Meanwhile Non and Astra are doing a diabolical plan which the DEO needs to solve. While Kara refuses Alex at first, eventually she remembers who she is and drags herself out of it, with a great deal of pain and PTSD on her part. Man, that’s hard. When Kara attacks Non, she screams about how he made her lose them all over again. Meanwhile elsewhere J’onn and Astra battle it out, and when she’s about to kill him (she sees he’s a Martian), Alex stabs her in the back with a Kryptonite weapon. When Kara gets there, J’onn lies and says it was him, and she holds Astra as she dies in her arms. So not only did she have to relive and lose her family again, but she had to watch her aunt – no matter how evil she kind of was – die in front of her. Not a great time to be Kara.

There’s a side plot about how J’onn has to pretend to be her so Cat doesn’t fire her. It’s funny to see Melissa try to play J’onn’s flat and direct way of speaking while in Kara’s body. I would’ve liked to see more there, but I get the rest of the story was more important. Again I enjoy seeing how deep they go into Kara’s struggle on Earth and how her found family there is very important to her. I love the bond between the sisters so much. I could watch that all day. But I do hope next season we get a new kind of story. The fish out of water is kind of meeeeh when the fish has been out of water a long time. Still, this had some good acting, and I think when Supergirl focuses on the emotional weight of the characters it does so much better. Like the J’onn episode, it’s nice to get into the heart of these characters and why they are the way they are. Her ability to stay optimistic in the worst possible situations is an admirable trait. Eventually Alex will have to tell Kara that she is the one who killed Astra. I wonder if Kara will be angry at J’onn over it; she didn’t seem so when he told her the truth. I feel like that might be manufactured drama if Kara gets angry with Alex, since the sister bond seems so solid, and she knows Alex would never kill someone for no reason. It’s okay as a brief conflict, just hopefully not a long one.

This was a good episode though! It’s nice to see Jimmy and Winn pulled into the major storyline too, since now there’s no real secrets between anyone. And Winn said finally that they are friends, confirming that he’s going to get it together and move on from her. GOOD. Let’s keep it that way. Also good acting on the part of Laura Benanti with Astra’s death. I think she could be a little stronger of an actress, but she does a solid job. I like that Astra loved her niece, but still chose the wrong path, because it would have been out of character for her to change drastically from her life mission.


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