There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I think it’s kind of funny that the title of this episode is “The Would Be Prince of Darkness” considering I feel like Lucifer is basically a wannabe? Like it’s about his doppelganger, I think, but I feel like the character himself is the Devil Lite. He’s Diet Devil. I mean he lets the guy go so easily in this, it’s like facepalm. Again we haven’t seen him do anything evil outside of scare that fake Bible guy last episode. And set up the shooting fight, but he stopped it, so. Like I said it’s really hard to sell him as changing when we haven’t seen him before his apparent change. And blah crime procedurals blaaaaah. Previously on Lucifer, the Devil has abandoned Hell and he is hanging out in LA in a club. He’s become intrigued by the dealings of a Detective named Chloe, and he’s decided to help her with her cases. Somewhat because he’s bored, somewhat because apparently he’s changing and becoming … good? I don’t know. Can’t say I care much.

This episode Lucifer’s at a big party doing his normal thing. He sees a football player there named Ty who has a reputation as a virgin and he’s very popular and promising. He’s broken up with his girlfriend recently and sad, but Lucifer convinces him to have fun and enjoy the company of a young woman there. After having a mini-orgy of his own, which makes me eyeroll, because the only “bad” thing we’ve seen Lucifer do was have a lot of sex. And it just sells us more on the image of him being a play boy bad guy, not the devil. I know I’m being a broken record but this show needs to actually give us more than the basic or it’s going to be deleted for me. Anyway the girl ends up dead, and Chloe arrests the football player after she sees evidence that the girl was taping them and he saw it. Lucifer is absolutely certain that Ty is innocent so he decides to investigate on his own. He claims that he just wants to seek justice, since giving justice to the wicked was his job in hell, but people think it’s because he’s changing and becoming nice. Okay, whatever.


LUCIFER: L-R: Tom Ellis, Lauren German and guest star Sofia Vassilieva in the ÒThe Would-Be Prince of DarknessÓ episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Feb. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: FOX

Things get a little messed up when the stalker ex-girlfriend almost gets murdered, and they use Lucifer to trap the woman, a “fixer,” who was behind the car bomb. He gets her to find this impostor claiming he’s Lucifer and instead of terrifying or killing the man, he just lets him go. His Girl Friday is like ?????? at him, and so am I. SERIOUSLY GUYS HE NEVER DOES ANYTHING BAD. Sigh. It all goes back to the athlete’s agent who was clearly the bad guy from the second he’s brought up. This is why I hate procedurals. They are so obvious because they’re dumbed down for general audiences. It was just a count down to when they would go after him. The only interesting tidbit this week is that Lucifer gets angry at the agent and pushed him through an entire wall of glass. It’s clearly through like either extreme strength or telekinesis, and everyone in the room saw him do it, including Chloe. So he’s not going to get in trouble for that? That’s definitely assault and the guy could have died. Whaaaaat. It just makes Chloe more ???? about what Lucifer is.

Eventually she’ll figure it out. I guess it’s boring to me because we know the answer so now it’s waiting for her to get with it. I mentioned before that I hope she’s his niece from the comics, because that would be a more interesting character arc I think. There is zero sexual chemistry between the two, so forcing that as a romance would not work. Plus it would make sense that a family member would be impervious to his abilities. It would be pretty cool if that’s where the story was headed, rather than the typical procedural will they won’t they nonsense. I want to like this show, but it’s very shallow. It’s hard to care about his “change” when we haven’t seen him do anything evil. The actor is fine, but his mustache twirling smirks are getting on my nerves. They also haven’t established the extent of his powers, which are probably extensive, so I’d like a little more focus on that. And his past! Lucifer has an EXTREME PAST that should absolutely be utilized more to build on his mythos. Right now he’s just a smarmy sleezy club owner, portrayed and played as. I want more from him and more from this show. I want more of his BFF Maze too, she’s awesome. I’m giving it a little bit longer, but I can’t help wishing it was on a really good channel that could let loose more.


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