There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Okay I need to scream one more time about this one thing and then I’ll go on with the review: NYSSA AL GHUL SHOULD BE ABLE TO KICK MALCOLM MERLYN’S ASS. She’s been training since childhood. She’s half his age. He didn’t start fighting until he was older. This legitimately makes me want to scream. I don’t think she should be beaten by Oliver either, but whatever, he’s the hero, I have to suck it up. I shouldn’t have to suck it up for Malcolm Merlyn. GRRRR ARGHHHHHH. Okay. Deep breaths. You have to accept this and move on, self. Previously on Arrow, Thea’s dying because she wouldn’t feed her bloodlust. Nyssa said that she would heal her but only if Oliver killed Malcolm for her. Felicity’s in a wheelchair because of Darhk, and she and Oliver and now engaged. Malcolm Merlyn has been alive too long and I hope he is dead by the end of this season or I’m going to flip a table.

Oliver has a few options in this episode. He can let the two of them duke it out, which would probably lead to Nyssa’s death. He can kill the shit out of Malcolm himself, which I was like DO IT DO IT DO IT. Or he could find this middle ground option he went with. I was pleased with how vehemently everyone in the cast was like “oh yeah, kill that guy, he’s the worst.” Him claiming Thea needs her father was like c’mon man. No she doesn’t. She didn’t even know him until recently. Who cares. That’s my bias showing but seriously. Malcolm brainwashed his daughter into murdering a friend. He deserves to be stabbed a dozen times. Anyway, Nyssa stands firm that she won’t give them the cure for Thea unless Oliver kills Malcolm. Malcolm at first is like naaaaaah about giving over the League, even though Nyssa says doing so would make her help Thea. Because as usual, he cares most of all about himself and his power. He claims it’s because he’s part of something more than him and Thea, but you are a flat out liar, dude, because you just want the power. And Nyssa could do just as good a job as you. I like legit hate him and after this episode it’s like bangs head on keyboard a dozen times. Kill Merlyn. Kill himmmmm.


So that’s really the only story here. Nyssa and Malcolm have a confrontation and everything, and Malcolm and Oliver decide on a third option. They pretend to fight and then Oliver cuts off his hand. He can then remove the ring without needing to kill him, and give the ring to Nyssa. She cures Thea. They mention a few times here that she’s his husband, and I’m like … are you going to get that annulment before you marry Felicity? Like I don’t think the marriage is legally binding at all, there weren’t any papers signed, but they’re throwing those words around a lot. Nyssa then decides to disband the League of Assassins all together. I was surprised by this and honestly liked it a lot as an idea, it seems like good character development for her. But then Malcolm’s furious and blames Oliver, but … I’m pretty sure he agreed to that plan? It’s not like Oliver disbanded anyone. Whatever. Now he goes to Darhk and tells him about Oliver’s son William, who Oliver did know earlier that Malcolm was aware of. MORE REASON TO KILL HIM IN THIS EPISODE OLIVER. THE GUY IS A SNAKE. OF COURSE HE WOULD DO THIS.

I’m a big fan of show and not tell, which means I’m like “I should probably care more about the kid.” I wish we’d seen Oliver and William interact more? They had that one scene with his Flash toys. Right now he’s just some vague figure that we know more as an object “Oliver’s son” than a real person. And apparently Oliver cares about the kid more than anyone in the world, which seems … too soon. And not earned. And like not really true either. I still hate that he hasn’t told anyone about William too because it’s ridiculous and the Baby Momma has LITERALLY NO WAY OF KNOWING who knows. AGHHHHH Arrow I love you but these storylines are the ones that make me want to scream. This does make me think that the “him” people are talking about after the funeral is probably Malcolm. But he could have killed him here. He IS responsible if someone is dead because he didn’t take out Malcolm. So. There. I don’t know, this storyline is really frustrating, so I can’t say I dug this episode too much. At least sooner or later we’re going to get this William nonsense out into the air.


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