There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This show is what I want from so many other shows and don’t get. It’s funny, interesting, has great characters, intense villains, strong dialogue, and boy do I have a blast every time I sit down to watch it. Since I deleted Agents of SHIELD off my DVR, I will soon probably have no SHIELD left. Agent Carter is fantastic but it does not have enough views, because I hate the general viewing public. Hayley has been hired for a new show coming up, but it’s possible she can juggle both. It’s just unlikely. Siiiiigh. This gave us a look at Peggy’s “crew” and it made me smile like an idiot. Of course Peggy would have a mismatched group rather than just a group of badasses. I love her so much. Previously on Agent Carter, Whitney Frost now has abilities thanks to her Zero Matter exposure. Dr. Wilkes on the other hand is intangible. Whitney tried to kill Peggy a few times now, and she and her husband are up to diabolical things, although it’s pretty clear she is now the real power of that pair. Peggy’s also aware that Jack’s mentor is a big creep who is probably evil. Also Sousa is in love with a very sweet nurse and wants to marry her, but he still has feelings for Peggy that are unresolved.

Let’s deal with the Sousa thing first. It’s very sweet, he tried to do a romantic proposal and fell asleep instead waiting for Violet. She gets there, he can’t find the ring, and they look for it together. Peggy genuinely congratulates him on his engagement, despite the fact it’s pretty clear the two of them have feelings for each other. I do appreciate that while there’s a few love triangles going on here, there’s a lot of respect regardless? Like they don’t have to fight each other or be catty to each other. All four people involved (Sousa, Peggy, Violet, Jason) are good and smart people. I like that. However by the end of the episode Violet seems uncertain if their engagement is the right idea when she sees how intensely Sousa feels about Peggy after she’s hurt. But Violet is level headed about it and it doesn’t stop her from helping Peggy and saving her life. So props to a love triangle/square that doesn’t make me want to scream. Four for you Glenn Coco. But that’s not the main storyline, so.


The main storyline is that Whitney Frost now wants to steal herself an atomic bomb so she can attempt to make her experiment again and get more power. I love that we got to see her past in the last episode so seeing her desperation for more power and love for it makes so much sense. Peggy decides to put together a team for herself, and she doesn’t go for the best or strongest. She goes for a team she can trust. Thus the awesome power walk above with Sousa, Jarvis, and then Rose (I LOVE ROSE) and Doctor Samberly from the lab. The latter was an addition that I found charming, even outside of his crush on Rose, because he says that he could have worked for anyone, but he wanted to work for them. Sousa starts out doubting all of them, but Peggy’s very aware of diamonds in the rough, and she’s right here. Together the group manages to infiltrate and get to the bomb before Whitney. Huzzah! Poor Jarvis has to figure out how to defuse it all on his lonesome, aghhhhh. Whitney and Peggy have their first fight and while it’s a good fight at first, Whitney almost kills Peggy. She drops purposefully so Whitney can’t suck out her energy, and gets impaled below. Wow what a shot. I was like NOOOOOO.

They might have won the day, but Whitney is a real dangerous person, and I like that. Dottie is too. They have great lady villains on this show. It was fun to see Whitney deal with the Maggia mafia group, because it’s a wink to the comics since Madame Masque was the daughter of the leader of the Maggia there. Nice. I wonder if she survives and transitions into Madame Masque, if that’s where she’ll go next. Either way I had a lot of fun with this episode. Peggy’s ragtag team was great. I love the sense of humor this show has, like Peggy going under cover and zapping the dbag’s brain every time he recognized her. Jarvis is a delight as always, but WHERE IS ANA JARVIS. I WANT HER MORE. 😦 It looks like Jason Wilkes has disappeared again, although he got touched briefly by Peggy, but he’ll be back. Like I said, I can almost stomach this love drama because at least everyone is nice to each other about it. Sousa and Peggy clearly have unresolved stuff they need to work out before they both can move on. Or move on together. We still don’t know if Sousa was the man who Captain America saved and became her husband. I think they intentionally haven’t told us, but we know it isn’t Jack or Wilkes. I’ve thought from the beginning it was probably Sousa. If they know they won’t get a third season, they might mention it. But love drama aside, this show is so great in every other way. The acting on point as always, the blend of drama and comedy.

Why does this show not have great ratings and terrible shows do? WHYYYYYY. 😦


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