There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Oh yes, this show is going to get on my nerves. I already kind of want to punch him in the face, and I really am irritated by procedurals, so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to tolerate this. Guys, the whole ‘he’s the devil’ thing only is a good selling point if he does anything devilish. Like he’s had a lot of sex and been suggestive. He’s done nothing evil or questionably moral to be honest. He’s no worse than any other generic handsome white dude on every procedural ever. And Lucifer was supposed to be more than that. Aghhhh why do I expect better. Of course Lucifer trying to rediscover himself could be interesting, but the thing is … actually I’ll get to the thing at the end of this. Previously on Lucifer, Lucifer is the devil. He’s given up hell and taken a vacation in LA. He’s intrigued by this police detective Chloe, who can’t seem to be taken in by his abilities.He started sleeping with a therapist so he can talk to her about how he feels like he’s changing.

So the story this week is that the son of a celebrity is killed because a paparazzi was chasing him. Chloe feels particularly twitchy about that because she used to have the same problem, and she made that topless movie and she can’t get past it. The paparazzi arrested for this, Nick, is the same one who took a tasteless photo from Chloe’s … parent’s funeral? I don’t remember which one. Honestly this show is really hard to care about, which is unfortunate. Anyway, he’s not the one responsible for this, but he thinks he knows who is, and he’s trying to protect the kid, because it’s his protege. He hopes that the kid is better than him and not going down the same ruthless paparazzi path. I don’t disagree that the paparazzi goes too far sometimes, but this show is kind of being a little too overhanded with that here. C’mon now. Your bias is showing, Hollywood. Anyway Lucifer helps Chloe figure out who is really responsible, but he’s pushed by his assistant Maze to be more dark and vicious. At first he shows himself to a fake preacher on the street, so the man goes crazy, and then he decides to pit the two men against each other to prove who is the worst paparazzi of them all.


Chloe realizes there’s something supernatural going on here when she knows that Lucifer was supposed to be in front of her one second, and then gone the next. And he apparently caught the bullet that the protege shot at Nick. She’s like ???? but it’s like … I don’t even care if she finds out. We all know the secret, so how much tension is there in her trying to figure it out? So here’s the thing I was going to talk about above. The problem with them trying to make the audience believe he’s changing is that we’re not really seeing him change. He hasn’t done anything evil. If there’s a “post-evil” Lucifer we’ll be seeing once he becomes more empathic and helps, we really need to see him more evil than this. It’s like they know that showing him too dark will turn the audience against him. But it also makes no real interest in this episode.

IDK I’m sticking with it for now, but if they stick with this formula, I don’t think I’ll last that long. There’s no chemistry between the two leads. There’s no real reason for him to be that intrigued with her. I keep wondering if it’ll be that she is his niece, in the comics that was a thing, and if they could pull off two leads being related instead of sexual partners. I would prefer that, honestly. We’ve seen too much of this exact thing. His partner is like ????? for being such a nice guy, so even she is saying he’s not the devil she knows, and I’m like i know right. He keeps having to tell us he’s the devil without doing anything devilish. This show is cookie cutter and it’s harmless. I wanted more bite than this. But I’m not sure it’s going to get there. It gets only a few more episodes before I’m done.


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