There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am really digging Legends of Tomorrow. I think it’s because this is a mismatched cast of failures who are constantly failing, and I have a thing for lovable losers. Obviously they’re a team who are still getting used to each other, and it’s great to see people making a mess of things before they inevitably become a good team. I feel like Arrow and the Flash didn’t have enough time of that in the beginning, when they’d struggle to find a good team balance, now that they have huge teams. Instead here everyone’s just thrown into it, and it’s not working, but the show is working BECAUSE they are not working yet. We’re on the same boat as they are, scrambling to get it together. I like it. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Carter died and I grinned because I hate him. But oh yeah sorry for everyone else cough. Kendra got gravely injured and she’s dying. Rip brought them together to defeat Savage, because Savage killed his wife and child. Also Savage is now pretty aware that there’s a team looking for him. He’s just not sure why yet. They keep messing up and making things worse, which cracks me up.

So the A-plot this episode is with Sara and Rip. I like that they split up the characters for separate storylines that really work for them, because it helps develop them in useful ways. Sara suggests to Rip that they look for Savage’s resources and cut them off. She has her own demons, struggling with her bloodlust from the Lazarus Pit, and Rip is dealing with another death on his conscience. They figure out that Savage is giving his soldiers Carter’s blood to make them stronger. Yuuuuuck. The two of them deal with their struggles and try to stop Savage. Unfortunately Rip basically gives Savage the info that he’ll need to kill his kid one day. Harsh. That always happens with time travel, Rip, don’t you know that by now? Meanwhile Ray and Stein try to fix Kendra, by Ray going into her body to kill it as the Atom. But he loses faith in himself, and then Stein is like I was lying, I knew who you were, I was always threatened by your intelligence. That bolsters Ray’s ego enough he succeeds. And then he’s like lol you don’t know who I am do you, and Stein’s like Kanye shrug I know a lot of geniuses. That pleased me. When he was saying all that ego stroking stuff I rolled my eyes, so I was glad to see that wasn’t the case. Stein’s a genius. A cold genius.


Speaking of cold geniuses! Ha. Snart convinces Mick and Jax to go steal something, more or less. But secretly he’s just trying to stop his father from it, so he doesn’t turn to a life of crime and ruin Snart’s future life. He doesn’t actually manage to do this, instead having to accept that he couldn’t change his past. Especially since he could destroy his father, but says he couldn’t do that, since his sister hadn’t been born yet. I still wish his sister was on the damn show. Mick is okay, but he’s one note. She would be a much more interesting part of this cast, and it would even out the genders better. It’s a good acting job by Wentworth, who plays Snart’s snarky viciousness well, but gives him a level of vulnerability here. It gave Jax something to do that wasn’t tied into Stein, and I hope he continues to get more plot, especially with the other characters.

Overall it was a good solid episode! I do enjoy it. I like the characters, and yes there’s a lot going on and probably too many of them, but I think they do a good job balancing as long as they each have their own plots going. I’d like to see them all fight together more often, but I get what a clusterfuck that turns into being. I like that they really are the underdogs, you know? Like they’re absolute failures and fighting against a tide that is much stronger than them. And a villain who is smarter and more dangerous than any of them. It makes me root for them more, seeing how much trouble they’re having gelling. And I like that they’re still choosing to be there, for their own reasons, but for general reasons too. Except for Jax, who is kind of along for the ride, but I hope gets more going forward. I dig this show, it might not be deep, but it is fun. Also glad that Carter hasn’t come back. Don’t bring him back!


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