“Bizarro” –Kara (Melissa Benoist, right) grows closer with Cat’s son, Adam (Blake Jenner, left), on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Feb. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So I assumed quickly after last episode that the woman pretending to be Kara was a version of Bizarro. Bizarro is a major character from the Superfamily, the copy of Clark Kent that doubles as a Frankenstein-like character. A gentle giant who can also be very dangerous and goes between villain and sympathetic wronged character. I wasn’t surprised that’s where they went with this girl, although it is particularly tragic in this case considering what her fate was. I want Kara to punt Maxwell Lord through a wall after this. Soon, please. Previously on Supergirl, Kara was shocked to see a version of her acting creepy as hell. It isn’t J’onn! Maxwell Lord had a mysterious girl being experimented on, which J’onn found out but didn’t know what he was doing with her. Kara convinced Cat’s son Adam to come see her and reconcile, and he asked her out on a date. Winn revealed his Nice Guy ways and the two stopped speaking for a little while, but he’s starting to recover now. There’s a love triangle/square that all of us are annoyed by.

The girl in question is Bizarro, described by Cat, and she runs with Kara’s theory that the “evil” Supergirl is a doppelganger. I’m surprised people didn’t question this in the first place, since she was being very uncharacteristic and hurting people randomly. Then again who knows with superheroes. Ask Hal Jordan. Anyway, Bizarro is very slow witted – clearly from her experimentation – but Maxwell has convinced her that Supergirl is evil and needs to be killed. Their first interaction leads Kara to save people at the last minute, revealing that there is in fact two of them so her name is exonerated. And Bizarro is momentarily concerned Kara’s not evil after all. However they attack her with Kryptonite and it does something unexpected to her skin, causing her to look monstrous. But still pretty for a monstrous face, let’s be real. It seems that she is Kara’s mirror, she has heat breath instead of ice, and the opposite of Kryptonite will probably stop her. Kara’s trying to deal with this all while also trying to date. But we’ve seen a million times how the superhero tries to have a normal life and it never works out, so I was kind of like zzzzzz this whole storyline. I also expected it to last more than one episode, eesh!


Kara starts to feel sympathy for Bizarro when they figure out that the girl in question was in a coma and Maxwell Lord experimented on her. He gave her some of Kara’s DNA and mixed her in a lab, poor thing. He also reveals he knows Kara’s secret identity, so Alex says screw it and goes and arrests him. He is now in the DEO being held prisoner. I mean, I fully support her, lol. It’s probably not right to be like yes imprison him illegally, but he’s clearly too dangerous right now. I’m sure that’s going to change next week, he’ll find a way out of there. Bizarro kidnaps Jimmy because she tells him Supergirl loves him. Whooooa. Way to drop bombs on the man. Earlier Winn pointed out he was jealous about Kara’s date and he actually had a chance with her he should take. I would really like to know Jimmy’s mindset in this? He says he’s with Lucy, but Winn says that no one wants to be dating someone who wants someone else. Which is super true. Why is Jimmy holding back? Does he not want to deal with dating a superhero himself? It seems weird to have him this wishy washy. I hate love triangles. Yuck.

In the end Kara tries to break through to Bizarro, but they have to take her down instead. Once sedated and weakened, Bizarro thanks her and apologizes, and they put her back into a coma. That’s harsh. Kara breaks up with Adam. I wish they had gone on a few more dates, or he was around for more than two episodes? I don’t really care much about them, I wanted to be more invested. Cat’s mad her son left and also mad that Kara’s apparently chosen work over a personal life (even though it’s basically what she’s done), so she says they have to maintain a more professional distance. Aw. I wish she knew Kara was Supergirl still. I’m annoyed that was fixed, seriously. This was a shaky episode, with a good performance from Melissa, but it does feel like treaded ground. Superhero can’t have a personal life, done it. Bad guy makes evil copy of main character and it backfires, yeah come on it’s a cliche. Love triangle/square goes on even when no one really cares too much, all over the place. The two guys bummed that the girl they both like is dating someone else, seen it. Maxwell Lord was kind of intriguing before as a bad guy, but I feel like he went too over the top into mad scientist cackling here.

I am intrigued by the end of the episode with the parasite though. Hmmmm. How was it planted there? I guess we’ll see. The Bizarro storyline was solid, but everything else fell flat for me. After last week’s excellent episode, that’s too bad.


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