There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Ahhhh it’s back! The tensest and most dramatic USA show ever. Other lawyer shows have nothing on the intensity of Suits sometimes, I swear. Previously on Suits, Mike is a fraud and Harvey hired him knowing that. They’ve spent the last few seasons trying to hide it and letting all of the major cast in on the secret. There’s a lot of random people who are aware of the truth too, and one of them ratted Mike out since he was arrested at the mid-season finale. Also Harvey was forced to resign due to some drama with Hardman, Jack, and Forstman, and I’ll admit I only barely remembered all of that. I did remember that Harvey resigned and it was an interesting change for him, and that Mike also resigned because he realized how dumb it was to continue on this way. Mike and Rachel are engaged, Donna started working for Louis, and that’s more or less the idea going on. There is a list of possible rats on Mike’s fraud, but this is the important thing to remember during this upcoming storyline: everyone is guilty. More on that later.

This starts out immediately after the finale with Mike being interrogated by our new antagonist, ADA Anita Gibbs. She says she knows Mike’s guilty and she wants him to flip on Harvey to save his own skin. He  says he wants his lawyer, but the lawyer who shows up is Robert Zane. Oh my god Rachel. Why. Sigh. He of course is infuriated and horrified, but he also wants Mike to flip on Harvey. Mike will never flip on Harvey, the only time he might is if it was Rachel vs. Harvey, and that’s not the problem right now. Meanwhile Harvey isn’t supposed to be working at the office since he resigned, but he’s desperate to save his friend. They do eventually meet and try to work out ways to approach the situation. Louis and Jessica have to deal with the fact Jack is making a move now to depose her, and Jessica is pissed at Louis for implying she should make him managing partner since she assumes it’s for himself. Natural assumption. He fights with Donna too, trying to keep her away from Harvey and Mike, but then he fires her so she can go help them. He can’t protect her from herself. There is a cute moment where Jessica apologizes to him at a mud bath, and they talk about Lord of the Rings. She says it’s about power. He says it’s about friendship. That explains so much about the two of them.


Robert Zane shows up to scream at Jessica for being a disappointing mentor for Rachel and warns her new enemies are coming. The ADA pretends to take a deal to help Mike, and when she turns her back on it he calls her out for holding him without calling his lawyer, betraying his rights. Now the judge (and us) know she’d do anything to win. Mike’s shaken thinking that Rachel won’t wait around for him, which seems silly and really fast considering she’s doing everything possible to save him. Including going to her father and even considering him turning on Harvey. Sooooo I think you need to chillax Mike. Not that I blame you for having panic attacks. He tells Hardman and Jack that if they rat Harvey out to Forstman, he’ll say that they were a part of the cover up and they’ll all go to jail. So Harvey can go back to work, with Donna again at his side.

Listen, they’re guilty. This is always going to be the weakest part of the show, honestly. I think the original gimmick seemed like a fun one to them, so they didn’t necessarily think 5 seasons later it would be like this. Or maybe they did? But looking back on it with what we know about Harvey now, it seems so insane for him to have ever hired Mike. INSANE. It was a nice hook for the show, but now it’s like “what the hell.” I love these characters, do not get me wrong, I want them to find a way out of this. Or at least a way out of having the worst possible punishment. HOWEVER. The truth is they broke the law and they dug their own grave, and I don’t think they should get off 100% scot free. I think there should be legitimate consequences. I just don’t know how this is going to go, because what do they do after this is over? I guess double jeopardy means that Mike can’t be charged twice if he proves this to be a lie. Maybe once this is over we can move on to different major story arcs. I’m not sure. But it is hard to feel a lot of sympathy for them having to defend themselves FROM THE TRUTH. The show made it clear with the priest in the last episode that it knows what Mike did is wrong. So will he voluntarily go to jail, maybe a reduced sentence? I don’t know, but I want the final decision to have weight. Not just go OH WE FOUND A TRICK EVERYTHING IS FINE. So excited to have it back, how am I going to stay sane this season ahhhh! I think we’re supposed to find out who the rat is soon. Whoooo is ittttt. Doesn’t seem to be Scottie or Trevor? Maybe that professor. I guess we’ll find out.


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