There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

YAY HOWARD STARK. I wasn’t sure if Dominic Cooper would be able to show up this season due to his obligations to his new role on the upcoming Preacher, but I was delighted to find out he still had the time. Howard is that perfect blend of absolutely awful with absolutely delightful. Dominic is pretty skilled at making someone not-so-great into a fascinating if eye rolling character. You can see where Tony got it from in his pre-Iron Man days. I also knew that wasn’t the end of Dr. Wilkes! Ha! I love this show so much. Previously on Agent Carter, Peggy came to LA to help Sousa in his new department. They have a lot of UST, but we don’t know the full story behind them. Jack is probably becoming HYDRA (fitting). They met Dr. Wilkes who has a love connection with Peggy and he apparently “died” due to a Zero Matter incident at Isodyne. Whitney Frost is the mind behind it, or so they think, and she’s trying to keep being an actress and put up with her goof of a husband who is turning into a senator.

Wilkes is being framed as a communist spy, which infuriates Peggy and she refuses to go back to NYC when Jack orders it. Jack is there to sign off on the framing and close the case, despite the very anger coworkers he should freaking trust by now, but he’s doing it because his mentor is basically HYDRA. Or the current show’s version of it. I talked about the Council of Nine last week, so they’re the major big bads this season. Peggy goes to Howard for help in investigating the Arena Club, since he has an invitation and she thinks that’s where they’re keeping some of their secrets. He takes over the place by bringing in his group of excited ladies, although the club isn’t supposed to allow any of them in. Peggy uses this opportunity to break in and try and bug the place, but it doesn’t work out. She confronts Whitney Frost who is truly shaken, both by Peggy and by the strange Zero Matter incident that happened. She manipulates her husband into sending an assassin after Peggy, and Peggy very nearly is killed, only saved by Jarvis’ intervention. Rufus Hunt, the assassin, is one tough cookie.


Howard proves his value in a second way by realizing that Peggy is surrounded by Zero Matter of some kind. He uses his brilliant mind to deduce an idea to make it physical, and lo and behold, Dr. Wilkes is basically haunting Peggy. He isn’t corporeal though, and Howard insists on finding out a way to bring him back to himself. I do appreciate these little details that reminds us why the people in his life are so loyal to Howard even when he’s a relentless jerkface at times. Because he stays up day and night trying to help a complete stranger, and even implies that he’ll hire Wilkes once he’s back to himself. Aw. He also tells Jarvis that he seems more happy to work with Peggy and might want to join her full time one of these days. Aw. WHERE IS ANA THOUGH? I WANT TO SEE MORE ANA. Whitney shows more of her powers when her director hits on her, and she accidentally kills him. Whoooops.  Jack finds out that there is probably a conspiracy going on with Chadwick and the Council, but he probably isn’t going to do anything about it because he is the worst.

I love this show. I want 10000 more seasons of the show. If there is every a story and group of characters that deserves as many seasons as  possible, it’s this one. If it gets canceled, which I expect sooner or later it will, I’ll probably get very bitter and resentful that terrible shows stay on forever. Since I have zero interest in Agents of SHIELD and its new spin-off (whyyyy), I just hope against all reason this suddenly gets popular. But it isn’t because the ratings are worse than before apparently. Watch Agent Carter! It’s amazing! Adventure! Badassery! Brilliant writing! Nuanced characters! Hayley Atwell! This was a great episode and I like the clever way they’re handling the Wilkes situation. Whitney Frost is brilliant, I am so glad to see yet another complicated and interesting female villain on this show. Is it too early to start a save Agent Carter campaign?


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