There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I have to say, I love the Team Arrow group. I don’t mention this often enough, but it’s delightful to see them working so perfectly together. They’ve come so far since season one! This episode explored the aftermath of Felicity’s injury and more about Andy Diggle, which was great. I do think the clunky way they dealt with Felicity’s inner turmoil wasn’t the best, but they did the best they could to accomplish what they wanted. It was also cool to have a bad guy who wasn’t Darhk involved for once! And this was more about Diggle than anyone else, and I love me some Diggle. Previously on Arrow, Felicity was severely injured by an attack by the Ghosts and she is paralyzed from the waist down. They captured Andy Diggle, not actually dead but a Ghost, and have been keeping him prisoner. Andy’s wife Lyla used to be an ARGUS agent but retired some time ago.

Quick recap of what was going on with Felicity: She started hallucinating her goth version telling her that she’s become useless and not who she was supposed to be. Felicity’s self-worth is damaged, for the obvious reasons, and she’s feeling a little hopeless and helpless. It’s all very understandable. She’s further freaked out when she makes a mistake with her tech skills that she believes proves she can’t even help people with her mind now. Eventually she comes to grips with it and chooses that this is the person she wants to be, and she hasn’t lost that. She helps the crew out in the end, and Oliver talks to her about how he thinks they shouldn’t give up hope for a cure. Personally I find the idea of a handicapped main character rather important for representation. I’d like to explore her struggle from here too. I always loved the Oracle storyline with Barbara Gordon, and I hate that it’s been retconned. But he is right that they live in an extraordinary world with magic and superheroes so why wouldn’t they be able to find a way around her injury? Since we know their happiness is going to be short lived, it’s both hard and sweet to see them being supportive of each other like this. Also she gets her new codename which is Overwatch. Oh come on guys. We won’t be mad if you use Oracle. ūüėČ


But the major ¬†plotline this week is about Diggle, huzzah. While out on a date with Lyla, a rogue ARGUS agent comes in to tell her everything’s gone wrong. He is then attacked and dragged off in front of them. They confront Amanda Waller about it, but she says she had no part in it. She gives Lyla a disk which indicates a pseudo-military group called Shadowspire is responsible. Diggle remembers it as a group that he first met during his time in the war, and that Andy knows about it. Andy was in fact a member so he can give them insight.¬†Shadowspire takes over ARGUS (with Lyla and Amanda as prisoners) and Andy helps Team Arrow infiltrate and trick them. Amanda Waller is killed in the take over. Yikes. Is this because she’s going to be in Suicide Squad so they don’t want carry over? Listen I naturally have to side eye fridging a WOC, it’s just my nature, but it did seem to make narrative sense at the time. And to make us take this new villain group seriously. It turns out that the people on the island with Oliver’s flashback are part of Shadowspire. Is this how they’re going to make the flashbacks worth it? Ehhhh.

Good emotional stuff in this. Andy Diggle is finally let out of his cage and he gets to meet his niece Sara. They are on their way to healing between the brothers. Felicity may still be healing and struggling, but she is more solid with herself. It is pretty silly to indicate that the drugs she was on gave her hallucinations though, but I get they couldn’t come up with another reason to have her hallucinate herself. They wanted to get in her head with her insecurities, and that was the best way. So what is it that destroys the Olicity? I think his son is going to do it. We saw already how upset she got when she found out he was lying to her about his child. Now that he’s kept it this long, it might get worse. I still think that is an obnoxious storyline, but it’s good that it’ll be something outside of her injury that causes the break up. And likely it’ll be whoever the death is as well. Liking this season a lot so far.


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