There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back! Agent Carter! Squee! I was anxiously awaiting this premiere and I watched it live. I just forgot to write about it so I’m sneaking this in here now. There is nothing on right now that I love more than Agent Carter, not even lying. And this premiere was everything I wanted. Peggy and Jarvis being incredible. The intro of Ana Jarvis omg. Mysteries. Badassery. A nerdy new love interest. Happiness all around, for real. Now if only Jack would disappear off the face of the planet so we didn’t have to see him anymore. IF ONLY. Previously on Agent Carter, Peggy is the best and finally everyone there understood why. Jack became the head of the department because he’s the worst. Howard Stark encouraged his butler Jarvis to help Peggy be the best while they cleared his name of wrongdoing. Peggy earned the obsession of Black Widow Dottie.

Right off the bat we see Dottie again as she tries to rob a bank, and Peggy and the SSR manage to stop her. She’s dressed as Peggy which is hilarious cosplay, but she really is obsessed with her, and how can anyone blame her? I am too. Peggy’s delighted to try and break her in the interrogation room, but Jack sends her away. Why? Sousa left to become Chief in LA, and he has an unusual case. The branch there is new so he doesn’t think any of them can handle it. Some woman is found frozen for no discernible reason during a heat wave in a public place. He asks Jack for help, and Jack messes with both him and Peggy by telling her he asked specifically for her. There’s a history between Sousa and Peggy that we missed out on, because there’s tension and clearly emotions between them. Did they actually try to date and it didn’t work out? Did he leave because of that? It’s unknown right now, we just know there’s unresolved sexual tension and sadness on both of their parts. You are an ass for doing this to them, Jack. Dottie kicks his ass which is fantastic. Peggy’s off to LA where she sees Jarvis, who has been out in LA due to Howard’s interest in the movie business. They are delighted to team up again.


Peggy also meets the wonderful Ana Jarvis, who needs to be in every moment of my life from now on. She is delightful from beginning to end. She is warm, charming, funny, and sexy, and adores her husband who dotes on her. She apparently also makes interest weapon holsters out of garters, so Peggy loves her too. They figure out that the woman glows in the dark, which indicates she was effected by a particle accelerator at this business Isodyne Energy. Peggy meets a handsome doctor there Jason Wilkes, who tells her that the woman was having an affair with the owner. She confronts the owner Chadwick, but it’s his wife they should be concerned with, because she is the brilliant Whitney Frost. I’m getting ahead of myself, but Whitney Frost is a well known supervillain in Marvel Comics, also known as Madame Masque. I really appreciate how badass the female villains are in this, to counteract Peggy’s perfection. Detective Henry who brought the case to Sousa starts freaking out because he has freezing indications himself, and he kidnaps Wilkes and runs off.

They track him down, but he is killed by a random officer and bursts into pieces. Creepy. No one seems to question the officer? That’s dumb. He was hired by Whitney and her husband, and she’s like dude, stop messing around with people who will get us in trouble. Clearly the brains of the operation. Peggy decides to stick around for a little while, and Wilkes openly hits on her. He’s kind of adorable, in a nerdtastic way. He’s smitten by Peggy and who wouldn’t be? Meanwhile back in NYC Jack’s mentor Vernon Masters takes Dottie, and he allows him, because Vernon’s like lol the SSR is going to go away eventually you know. I’m feeling like he’s HYDRA for sure. Jack’s going to become HYDRA. Seems fitting. I hate that guy. Anyway this was a great intro. Brilliant actors as usual, a great continuation of the tale, and solid action. I appreciate that Peggy takes everything like a champ, she might be sad about Sousa and him moving on with another woman, but she’s also very supportive and kind. She’s just always the best. I want Ana Jarvis in every episode. I want Howard to come back. I am very happy with everything about this season so far, except I could do without Jack on my screen, thank you. YAY AGENT CARTER IS BACK.


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