There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I love being a part of fandom, but sometimes it makes me want to tear my hair out. A number one reason: shipping. I ship things pretty openly, but there’s a point where it’s just silly to hate something simply because it’s not the thing you like. Patty and Barry were never going to really be long term; wellllll we used to say that about Oliver and Felicity too. But the point is that just because the bad guy in this claimed that Patty was Barry’s priority, doesn’t mean that it actually makes it true. It’s from his perspective, shippers. The show is not saying Patty is the most important thing to Barry, the villain noticed the Flash cared about her and so took her hostage. Pretty classic hero/villain fights. But it had to become a thing. Either way, Patty’s shuffled off for now, which is a real shame since I love her, but it’s necessary for a loved one to leave because of dishonesty in a hero’s life. I’m surprised he even waited to tell her about being the Flash; EVERYONE KNOWS BY NOW. Previously on The Flash, I’ve basically already reviewed this episode, whoops. Uhhhh Harrison agreed to work with Zoom to save his daughter, secretly. Caitlin and Jay are dating now, ish. Zzz. Joe finally met his son Wally.

Let’s just get Wally out of the way. I’m not sure if he is aware that Joe had no idea he existed. I get why he’s throwing some attitude around, but did they have to make him like a car racer? Doesn’t that feel a little cliche? I appreciate that Joe’s like I can’t just make us father and son, I respect that, and they’re going about it differently. I look forward to more with Wally, but for right now I’m a little ? about it. I’m sure they have a plan. The rest of the episode is about Barry almost telling Patty about who he is, but he keeps having nightmares about Zoom killing her. There’s this new bad guy called the Turtle that apparently everyone was aware of but Barry, because Cisco’s been trying to find him. He can slow time. It’s pretty cool actually to see him in action. He can slow Barry too, and steal things and rush off. In the end I guess the answer is Barry just has to run faster? That really does seem to be the only thing he does. I was hoping for something a little more creative. He notices the Flash protecting Patty so he kidnaps her, and seriously Patty you are a detective. Do you really think Barry is such a coward that he’d abandon you in a tight spot, rather than what is VERY OBVIOUS IN FRONT OF YOU? Sigh.


It’s no secret I generally dislike this, but I get it’s a superhero cliche. Apparently it’s required. It was weirder when Iris didn’t notice when the man she knew her entire life was standing in front of her though. Patty decides to leave the city and go back to school for forensic science. In the comics, she was Barry’s lab partner at one point, so this is more true to the character. She turned into a police officer to avenge her father, but now she’s choosing to go back to her first love. That means saying goodbye to Barry. It’s pretty abrupt, and kind of a cop out, but I do like that she has good reasons for leaving and she’s taking charge of her own life. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of him. Barry just tell them sooner. Linda knows, for crying out loud! And you trust Patty more than Linda. Where is Linda, by the way? I miss her and Iris being besties.

What else this episode. It was kind of a driftless episode, we didn’t get much to forward the plot outside of Patty leaving. Jay is probably going to die without his speed, and Caitlin is like how could you let me date someone who is going to die, just like Ronnie. And I’m like honey the man is dying, let’s focus. But she does! And she’s like no we’re going to fix this. I still am not a fan of Jay or of this pairing, but I am intrigued by what they’re going to do next. Anything else? Harrison Wells seems to think that using the Turtle’s slowing down could help them against Zoom, that would be great! Despite his vicious attitude, he does generally want to be on the side of good. He gives some genuine words of advice to Barry about not putting Patty in trouble, which I don’t agree with, but I think that I like him better as this caustic but sincere character. Which is important because we see Eobard Thawne appear out of no where and ask Gideon how he got there. UM YES HOW DID YOU? Eddie died for you to die with him, this is ridiculous. Raaaaage! Although I look forward to seeing the real Harrison Wells play off the fake one.



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