There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Previously on Arrow, everything hurt and nothing was okay. We all knew that Felicity and Oliver were too happy and eventually they would tear it apart. I do appreciate that it seems to come because of potential good plot? I’m interested in the grave for sure, and they did answer that Felicity is 100% not in the grave. I never thought she was going to be. These flashforwards are better than the flashbacks at the moment, soooo keep going with that? Anyway Felicity got shot by the ¬†ghosts after they got engaged. Thea is still dealing with her bloodlust. Quentin and Felicity’s mother are dating now. In the future we see a grave without knowing who it is, and Oliver feels responsible. Diggle’s brother Andy is locked up after being revealed as a ghost. Oliver’s running for Mayor. I think that’s mostly it for now.

Felicity’s in serious danger, going through several surgeries, and Oliver keeps avoiding being there. Instead he’s on a war path and destroying everything possible to try and find Darhk. Everyone keeps trying to get him to be there for his fiancee, but he’s never been great at showing his feelings and vulnerability. Diggle decides to cross a line and beat up his brother to get answers. His wife is like duuuuuuude, and convinces him to try and reach Andy emotionally instead. Diggle in turn tells Oliver to get his shit together, and to not stop being the changed man that Felicity fell in love with. He doesn’t really get any of the answers he’s looking for. He does find the family of Darhk, because Anarky is back on the scene and leads them to it, planning on killing Darhk for turning on him. Thea’s worried to see him back, since it was her near blood lust that pushed her close to being like him. Her new boyfriend actually helps get her to focus, and she keeps managing to hold back. It’s only a matter of time before things get rougher though, I can sense it.


Laurel finds out about her father and Felicity’s mother, and it’s weird because why was he even hiding it? He’s been divorced from her mother for awhile now. Oliver finally shows up at Felicity’s bedside and is told that she is permanently paralyzed due to her shooting. He grieves and fears for her, feeling guilty that he couldn’t protect the woman he loves. She reveals her insecurity that he would leave her when things got tough, and they reaffirm their love. But then we see the flashforward and they’re sitting far away from each other in a limo. She is no longer wearing the ring. She tells him that he must kill this mysterious “him.” I’m starting to wonder if the him isn’t Darhk after all. Why are they playing the no-name game? Maybe it’ll be someone else entirely, like Merlyn. I could see that, he continues to be a problem behind the scenes.

Their continued excellent handling of this ship pleases me. Whatever happens between them, I am intrigued by. Whoever is in the grave seems personal to Felicity. I’m thinking it might be her mother? I still want it to be Quentin, whose arc is mostly wrapped up now. It could be Lyla, Diggle’s wife, which would be a real shame. I would rather it not be a woman at all, since we have the common trope of dead ladies for man plot. Although Felicity’s mother would also be plot for her. Please let it be Quentin. It’d be a good send off to a long term character, and he’s ready. Apparently they still don’t know???? The writers say they haven’t decided. I wonder if all the actors are just waiting for the axe to fall, or that they’re lying by saying it isn’t set in stone yet. The flashbacks are usual are utterly worthless so I don’t feel like talking about them. It was a good episode. I look forward to seeing how Felicity handles this new hurdle in her life. I trust them to handle it carefully and with respect.


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