Dee Discusses: Supergirl 1×09

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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m behind so I’m just going to go through these quickly, la la la, nothing to see here. Well the last part of the season ended abruptly and well. Kara faced off with her uncle Non after taking her aunt Astra captive. They attacked Maxwell Lord’s building. Cat put everything together and realized Kara is Supergirl. Hank was revealed as J’onn J’onzz, the best ever, ahem, the last Martian who took over Hank’s life after he died. There’s some love drama I’m ignoring in general, and Kara’s growing realization that her idealized memory of her mother may not have been completely accurate. Maxwell and Alex actually got along fairly well, although obviously that was going to be short-lived considering he’s an antagonist. But he has his reasons. Also we met Lois Lane’s father who is the actual worst and every time he breathes I get more irritated. Very accurate to the comic! So that’s all the previously on Supergirl necessary, huzzah.

This starts out immediately after the last episode, with Kara and Non going at it, but it’s kind of sad how she manages to match him. Don’t get me wrong, Kara’s gotten better over the season, but he’s a seasoned warrior and survived in a very bad prison. He should have been able to knock her around like a doll, but okay. She’s our hero. She can’t lose all the time. Instead he kidnaps Hank and wants to exchange him for Astra. General Lane shows up to take over the DEO and Alex is like bitch say what, I’m in charge, but he’s the worst so he just sort of throws a coup. He wants to torture Astra for information since she won’t tell Kara anything, and Kara can’t stop him. She’s also frustrated by Cat’s insistence that she’s Supergirl, which seems silly because does it really matter if Cat knows? Oh I guess Cat could always reveal her identity, but it doesn’t seem likely. Let’s just get that out of the way, Cat sharply tells her that Supergirl shouldn’t be working there anyway, because she should be out saving lives. I kind of agree with that, although I do get that Kara says the business is what keeps her human. Kara quits briefly, but in the end J’onn masquerades as her (he’s a shapeshifter) so Cat believes she’s not Supergirl after all. This makes me sad because I really liked the idea of Cat knowing, and that she figured it out on her own, but alas.

Supergirl 1x09 – Blood Bonds c

So back to the story. Jimmy wants to look into Maxwell Lord and gets Winn to help him. Kara is frustrated when Jimmy ends up pretty badly hurt and having not told her. In a fit of temper, feeling helpless, she almost takes it out on Maxwell, but Winn and Jimmy talk her down. Only then is she able to confront Astra and hear what happened with her mother. Alura did believe that Astra was right about Krypton, but her sister had killed innocent people in her attempts to get people to pay attention, so she had to go to jail. Kara and co. let Astra out and trade her for Hank, and Astra makes sure her husband adheres to their truce. Kara calls it a start. See, I normally find hopefulness irritating, but sometimes the idealism is nice to see. I just like seeing a female lead like Kara, because I feel these days superheroines have to be all tough as nails. Kara’s emotional and hopeful and sweet, and those are traits I like to see in people. This is what the Superfamily is supposed to be like, by the way. Don’t let Man of Steel fool you.

Kara finds out about J’onn finally and that’s how she gets him to pretend to be her. I am really looking forward to seeing their partnership from here, because I feel like he of all people can really get her struggle. He’s the last of his kind and hiding here on Earth, but he can’t go out into the public eye (as of right now) like she can. Maxwell is hiding some girl who opens her eyes and they’re black. I’m not sure what the deal is, I guess she was supposed to have died of brain damage but she’s being experimented on by them instead? Hmmm. More answers to come. I think the show does really well when it relies on the strength of character and their relationships. I enjoyed watching Kara struggle with her own anger and acknowledging how much she was like Astra in order to reach her. I like how strong the Super Team is together and it comes from a genuine place. I do wish that Cat kept her knowledge, but I get she can’t really be a part of the team anyway, and it made sense she would have fired Kara. Someday though I hope she finds out, because I love their protege/mentor relationship. Very happy to have this show back!


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