There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I forgot to mention in the last episode that Caleb helped Shelby figure out her “sister” is just a con. That was harsh. Sorry Shelby. It did bring the two closer together … but set them up for the inevitable crash and burn. Since we know where her story is going. This is the close of the mid-season, and while I was iffy in places, I think it was a good solid wrap up to what we know so far. We got at least one bad guy down, but know there’s bigger fish to fry. And there was a pretty good nod to who it MIGHT be, but that could change easily. Previously on Quantico, Alex and co. worked together, but then she helped Liam and Miranda spy on them, so they got pissed and walked off. Simon admitted he made the plans that destroyed Grand Central, and then he got chloroformed by Elias. Sad times. I was still rooting for you, Rick. In the flashbacks, there’s a bunch of nonsense that feels kind of unnecessary when we’re in the future already, but okay. Miranda’s son disappeared. Simon got kicked out. There’s romantic drama that honestly brings this show down.

So flashback. Instead of leaving for the holidays (New Years instead of Christmas, because plenty of these characters are not Christian so that makes sense), Nimah, Natalie, Alex, and Shelby are sticking around. They didn’t realize this until they run into each other. They decide to get drunk and look at old case files and try to solve them. Nimah walks in on Miranda who has been sleeping there, terrified Charlie will come back and kill her. I feel like Charlie is going to end up being a part of the bombing plot. She does eventually go home to find him unconscious by the house. Caleb shows up asking Shelby to go to his parents’ stuff party, and she insists the other two girls come along. How they all just had gorgeous fancy wear waiting for them in their closets, I won’t know. I guess it makes sense though since they’ve been sending them out on missions in costumes. They just have a lot of them. While there Alex meets Eliza, Ryan’s ex-wife who is pretending to be his wife again for a mission. She’s upset. Eliza is awesome by the way. I’d like her to stick around. She tells Alex Ryan is in love with her and she broke his heart, so to stay away. That leads her to go off with Liam, starting their affair. Shelby breaks up with Caleb after he exposes his mother only got back together with his father to look good for her candidacy run. She says he’ll always try to blow up things to expose them (HINT MUCH?) and so they’re over. How she eventually hooks up with Clayton, I have no idea. So that’s about it for now. The romance drama is my least favorite part of this show so I was like getttttt it overrrr with.


In the present, Elias shows up saying he was attacked, and he leads everyone to think Simon is responsible. We know at this point he’s a bad guy, and such a disappointment. They do find Simon tied up with a bomb trigger in hand, and he says he’s been set up. It takes Alex a little too long to believe this considering it is legit exactly what happened to her. He does figure out it’s Elias though, and they turn their guns on him. Simon threatens to let the bomb go off, and Elias admits he’s been blackmailed by the real terrorists. So he’s not the head honcho, just a minion. Smart thinking by Simon and Ryan manage to stop the bomb, and Elias jumps out the window rather than being arrested. But when Simon relaxes and hits the trigger, another bomb goes off at Command Center for everything going on. YIKES. I think they were implying his trigger was to that bomb and not the one they knew of. Or it has nothing to do with it. Either way, YIKES. We don’t know yet who was inside there. There was an implication that Caleb had something to do with this, since we saw him going into that exact place under a fake name. I feel like Caleb would be a good choice for ultimate bad guy. Or maybe it’s the family doing it, and it’ll make his mother look good. Personally I still would’ve liked Ryan. What a shock that would be!

Overall this was a pretty solid outing. While I was like ughhhhh about not having exact answers re: the bomber, I expected that. It would be weirder if they just told us now who it was. As usual I spent most of the flashback zoning out. I liked Simon’s scenes and I think he’s become probably the most intricate character on the show. I like his friendship with Alex. He’s slimey for sure, but not really bad. Another bomb needed to go off to get us to the second part, but damn the FBI is really bungling this up, aren’t they? They did a terrible job picking trainees and then they’re always two steps behind this thing. Tsk tsk. While Quantico started out great but got weak, I’m still invested enough to continue. If they shucked off the soap opera elements and focused on the real story, I think it’d go a long way, but I doubt that’ll ever happen. Sigh.


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