There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am on the fence about the flashbacks. While they do provide some character insight, they also feel like it doesn’t really matter considering we know what the future holds. We know that Shelby starts an affair with Caleb’s father. We know that Alex and Ryan don’t work out and he starts dating Natalie. We¬†knew that Simon eventually got kicked out of the program for something Alex didn’t think was right. So we see it here, but I don’t know, it would be better if we hadn’t seen it coming and so it actually meant more. It isn’t a terrible idea, going back and forth like this, but I feel like the flashbacks don’t carry a lot of weight. Previously on Quantico, the group now believes that Alex is innocent. That includes all the mains and Miranda and Liam. Alex gave herself over so the bad guys can think they won for now, and the team can try and figure out who did it. In the last flashback, Simon figured out a popular agent lied and staged a serial killer crime to put someone behind bars and they were forced to free the bad guy as well as arrest her. A lot of the candidates were not so impressed, Nimah in particular. She really has it out for him now.

In the flashback, people are bullying Simon over his decision, which still baffles me because in my opinion he did the right thing. I get that it’s morally questionable, considering a serial killer got free, but that woman was a criminal. And she planned on killing Simon! Come on. The flashback this week has all the trainees looking into the files of the next year’s trainees. Hilariously, this might explain why so many of our trainees are terrible choices, because if they have their peers picking them out, they’d make a lot more mistakes. We already know that the FBI has failed with their choices in this class. So many shady people! Alex and Ryan investigate Natalie after realizing her scar is real. Nimah dives into Simon’s past. The FBI board decides whether to toss them because of their lies. Natalie did it so she could get custody of her daughter from her abusive ex, and Simon worked for the Israeli army. First as a translator, but eventually became a part of their organization. Now keep in mind Nimah got this information from his file and/or a grade above them. Doesn’t that mean it’s relatively known to the FBI? If they let him in, it must not have bothered them too much. Ryan sticks up for Simon, reveals that he’s already an agent, but lets slip that Simon attacked him weeks ago. This is what gets Simon kicked out, since the trainees aren’t allowed to fight each other. Wow that is a random innocuous thing to kick a good agent out for. No wonder he’s bitter.


In current time, everyone is working together to figure out new leads. Unfortunately Liam and Miranda still think the people working with them are good options, so they insist that Alex help them spy on her friends. A few secrets come out, like Shelby and Caleb’s dad, and Raina apparently having feelings for the terrorist they worked with. Simon flees at one point when they realize he has ties to a bomb maker, but he comes back and admits that the Grand Central incident is partially his responsibility. He planned it out, but it was meant to be just a threat so people would work together. The bombs were never supposed to go off. Someone managed to steal his plans and use them in a lethal way. They’re all angry at Alex for turning on them when they’ve gone out of their way to help her. I guess I get that, but at the same time, it was hardly her idea, and you’re acting like children. They all walk out on her. She emotionally pleads with Simon to help her, but he’s like naw. And then Elias attacks him and knocks him out with a syringe. Nooooo. I was rooting for you, Elias. I did think you were probably involved, but I liked you a lot. Siiiiiigh.

It was an okay episode! While I find some of the flashback stories interesting, I do kind of go ‘who cares’ at them. The current storyline felt like they were just treading water this episode in order to get to the finale. No one should be trusted, we get that. They said they’ll give the identity of the bomb person next time, although I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll turn out to be several people instead. Nothing too simple for this ‘what a twist!’ show.


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