There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m super behind on everything so I’m just going to churn these out asap. Well that was a great way to break off for winter break! Supergirl has been very impressive this season. I find myself being really protective of this show, because I feel like it’s doing something unique with a superhero and that I love the emotional depth they are reaching for. As someone who usually prefers dark and gritty material, having¬†optimistic and amateurish in my life has been an unexpected gift. That doesn’t mean the show has moved away from being harsh, and this episode played with that a little. Previously on Supergirl, Kara lost her powers temporarily because she burned out fighting the Red Tornado. Right after getting them back, Astra and her band of outlaws confronted her. Also Cat Grant is basically my favorite person on this show somehow, and there was some romantic unnecessary drama because Kara and Jimmy ~hugged~ and apparently that makes them cheaters. IDEK, but they talk about it this episode, and I’m like it was a freaking hug people, jeez. Also Alex confronted Hank only to find out he is the Martian Manhunter, one of my favorite DC characters, so yay!

The main storyline in this one is the relationship between Astra and Kara, and I feel like there’s some interesting gray zone stuff going on with Astra. In a flashback we see that Astra and Kara were very close when she was a girl, and that Astra claimed Krypton was dying long before anyone else seemed to be saying it. She was an eco-terrorist of sorts with her husband Non, but believed she was the only one who could save her planet. Her intentions now seem to take over Earth in order to save it, which as far as motivations go, are not as bad as some others we’ve seen in superhero material. She allows Kara to take her in, and forces Kara to question her mother’s actions, since Austra did use her daughter in order to take in Astra. Ouch. Kara also makes some dramatic statement about her mother giving them both life sentences, and while that’s going a little overboard, I like the continuity of Kara’s struggle with feeling alone on the planet. And she has a lot of feelings toward her mother that she never got to explore before, so it’s all bubbling to the surface. She says she can’t kill Astra, which Alex thinks they need to do, but it was a ruse. Non and the other criminals attack Maxwell Lord’s business. The DEO tries to get there to stop them, and one of the bad guys figures out that Hank/J’onn is not a human. He also drops a comment about how he’s a telepath earlier, but he can’t read Kryptonian minds. And that Superman finds that amusing. So he knows Clark! I mean, I knew he did, but this was a big hint that they know each other much better than previously mentioned. Mooooore. Anyway the episode ends with Kara confronting her uncle directly.


The secondary story is about Kara, Jimmy, Lucy, and Winn trying to help out Cat. Someone stole her e-mails and if they go public, it might lead her to have to drop out of her own company. They manage to figure out that one of her board members did it himself in order to take over, and they find proof. In that proof is the knowledge that Cat has another secret son who she had when she was younger and doesn’t really involve herself with much. Outside of money. She plans to voluntarily give up to protect him from the public eye, but she doesn’t have to when she gets proof that the board member did this to her. She then puts together all the pieces about Kara, and confronts her that she is Supergirl. YES. I’ve been saying for weeks that someone should figure it out sooner or later, and all the proof was right there. I often roll my eyes when people don’t understand what is right there in front of her, and Cat just proved that a smart character can add it all up. She thanked Kara for helping the city, but Kara had to fly off to fight Non. Cat has quickly become my favorite person on this show, I’m not going to lie. They’ve done an excellent job giving her layers and depth while still making her acerbic and difficult. I don’t know what this will mean for their relationship from here, but I look forward to figuring it out.

Also Jimmy tells Winn to go for it with Kara and I just groaned. I really don’t like Winn’s whole attitude toward her, and I’m not a fan of them as a couple. Also Kara has not shown any interest in Winn, so I really hope she doesn’t just “suddenly” ¬†decide she likes him. And if she doesn’t want him, I hope it’s clear that she doesn’t owe him anything for being her friend. I think considering Jimmy is firmly with Lucy for now, Kara’s crush on him won’t turn into anything for awhile. I still firmly think she doesn’t need a love interest for this first season. There’s so much great stuff going on with her family, past, and becoming a superhero. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t want it to be Winn. Sigh. Either way, I’m really happy with this show. It’s been what I wanted from it, and although it had a shaky start, it’s gone up in quality every week. I’m excited to see the full season.


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