There  are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I admit it, I was wrong! Everyone’s speculation about Hank was completely right. I wonder if there’d been rumors about Martian Manhunter that I missed out on, although I could see how his general character design and red eyes so far were also good indicators. In any case, I’m very excited about this twist, and I think it’s going to be excellent for the show. I did a full out fangirl squeal when the reveal happened. Previously on Supergirl, Kara fought the Red Tornado using all of her reserve strength and found out she could bleed now. Alex was convinced that Hank was responsible for her father’s death, and wanted answers about it, which Winn provided as him being the last one who saw her father alive. Jimmy and Lucy decided to give it another go, and Kara’s sad about that, but also supportive. Winn’s very Nice Guy about Kara and it bothers me. Cat’s pretty much the best masquerading as the worst. Maxwell Lord is a nefarious bad guy sort who likes to manipulate people for power, and even if he has a little bit of a sad background, he’s still a jerkface, so who cares. Also awhile back, Kara was confronted by her aunt Astra who is a bad guy.

Kara’s drained her power, something that happens occasionally for the Superfolk, but even after a few days of resting and gathering solar power, she’s still not back to herself. It is probably due to her shaking insecurity which comes full force at her this episode. She’s weak and human for the first time and it terrifies her, especially since this is when the city gets hit the hardest. This seems to be just natural disaster at least, with an earthquake shaking it and causing a lot of damage. Kara and Jimmy are trapped in the city and she even breaks her arm. She’s horrified when she watches a man die, incapable of saving him. Maxwell decides to use this time to fear monger people into putting faith in him and turn against Supergirl, who hasn’t shown up. To Kara he reveals he knows that the Superfolk can drain their power but he hasn’t said as much in public. Hmmm interesting. Cat works hard to get herself on the air and inspire people in her typical honest but warily optimistic way. Her words inspire Kara as well to stand up to looters and talk them into giving up rather than shoot her. They go back to the office and she and Jimmy share an intimate moment while he’s comforting her. Winn gets SUPER JUDGMENTAL about it, but we all know it’s because he has a crush and he thinks he can control what she does. I’m sorry but he is really Nice Guy and acts entitled to her feelings, and also did this whole he was disappointed in her. For what, exactly? Jimmy was comforting her for feeling helpless, they were hugging, it’s not like they were making out or in the middle of something inappropriate. It’s like he put her on a pedestal and any behavior he doesn’t like makes her disappointing. I keep hoping they’ll end this show with him turning into a typical whiny Friend Zone guy villain. It would really do wonders for their attempts at feminism, just saying. 😉 I do appreciate the show has given no indication that Kara needs to give Winn anything though.


Eventually Kara does get her powers back in time to save Jimmy from death, and to help the rest of the city. She has a touching moment with Cat where she reminds Cat she helped the city and inspired people all on her own. Aw. I really love their relationship. In the other part of the episode, the earthquake causes one of their very powerful alien prisoners to escape. He can mentally control people. Alex is suspicious of Hank and doesn’t want to follow his orders, and he doesn’t help himself by lying about a few things. In the end she fights off the alien fairly well, but she stupidly locked Hank up elsewhere. I mean yes, you can think he’s a bad guy, and still need his help when fighting this dude, Alex! It does lead to the BEST REVEAL EVER when he says he’s actually J’onn J’onzz, the only survivor from Mars. Her father helped save him from the real Hank, and he owed him so that’s why he recruited her. And looked after her as if she was his own. We’ll find out later no doubt that J’onn had a wife and daughter of his own, both who died tragically. He’s a fantastic character and I can’t wait to see more of him.

After getting her powers back, Kara was confronted with Astra and others who appear to be kidnapping her now. It’s too bad that Kara didn’t really have time to do anything as a human she might’ve liked. She got injured and sick and felt helpless, but one of these days maybe she can find reasons to like it, I don’t know! I hate hate hate hate hate Winn’s relationship to her, and I hated how he was like “you’re on another level than us.” That’s just … very other-ing of you, Winn. I’m intrigued to see how J’onn being added into the show will change the dynamic, and what this will mean for him eventually because certainly he’ll be discovered at some point in the DEO. Or will he voluntarily out himself? He did that in the comics at one point. I’m really excited for them to deal with his powers more too and backstory. He’ll be an excellent mentor for both Alex and Kara, a super powered one Kara in particular could lean on. I’m surprised how quickly Astra showed up, but it’ll be tied in to the next episode. I thought this was the mid-season finale, but it turns out there’s one more, huzzah!


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