There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I will admit that when they revealed that Hester was the killer right off the bat here, I was a little like “aw, she’s so obvious though.” And I had my moments when she was convincing them that the Chanels were guilty going THIS IS INSANE WHO WOULD BELIEVE THIS. But then I remembered: this show makes no sense. The ridiculousness is what it’s always been sold as. The characters were never very smart, the police were incompetent, and it would’ve been more unbelievable if they got it right. It was completely in line with Scream Queens that the killer got away with it, because that’s the tone of this show, and once I accepted that, I really enjoyed the hell out of the finale. I’m not even doing a previously here. Previously on Scream Queens, EVERYTHING HAPPENED.

Hester admits she was the bathtub baby and gives the backstory from her point of view. She’s happily the only person left outside of Zayday and Grace in the sorority house, and seemed genuinely pleased that they’re a little more positive as a house now. She was raised with Boone in the insane asylum, and Gigi decided to channel them into murderers early on. Hester was always comfortable with it. Boone was the brawn, she was the brains, and she came up with the spinal injury because people try to avoid looking at the disabled. This worked perfectly since Munsch let her in despite all her paperwork being clearly false. I’m surprised Munsch didn’t click with this early on, since “oh that girl who had zero background is here, hmmm.” But that’s how the show works. Everyone’s stupid and/or out for themselves. Hester seems to have spared Grace and Zayday partly due to them being kind to her from day one. I’m not 100% sure who she actually killed? They didn’t note exactly who did what. Her major plan was to frame the Chanels for all the murders, and she was fairly smart about it.


For one, she realized #5’s parents hated her so much they happily lied to say she was taken by Gigi. This constant hating of her is either really painful or really funny and I feel bad for feeling the latter. But oh well. I still think she should’ve been the Red Devil. Chanel #3 was framed because her real father Charles Manson kept sending her letters about how she should kill her friends, including several of the ideas of the murders in the show. Nice! Hester convinces Chanel #3 that she has a split personality, she really believes this, which is pretty funny to me. Finally Chanel is where it all comes down to, and they take her away. Or I should say Denise does! She still thinks Zayday is guilty, but she arrests the three of them. With cop strippers. I love this woman. Someone give Niecy Nash an award. The Chanels are put on trial and found guilty, and they’re put into the insane asylum that Hester grew up in. They find out the weirdest thing while there: they like being there! They’re happier than they’ve ever been! I found that so amusing and somehow really fitting for this show. Chanel goes to bed and sees a Red Devil above her, and that’s where it ends.

I’m not sure this show will get a second season. I don’t think it really needs to. It was a really fun mini-series, and if it ended that way I’d be fine with it. Oh a few quick wrap ups. The Chad/Denise spinoff almost happened, since they had a torrid love affair before her leaving for Quantico. This is amazing in every possible way. Some day those two crazy kids will make it work, I know they will! Munsch wrote a very popular book, and while she confronts Hester about the murders, they agree to both let it go. Hester has dirt on Munsch, and no one’s dying now, so it seems fair lol. I think the only thing I went “come on!” about was them not checking the DNA, but again, this show is ridiculous. Rational expectations would not work here. The point of it was to be fun, silly, and keep your attention to the very end, and I feel like that’s what it accomplished. I was entertained from beginning to end and I genuinely can’t wait to own this on DVD. I hope there are some really great extras on it, like behind the scenes. I loved seeing all the behind the scenes photos from the Instagram account and the actors on it. If the show does get a second season I’ll be there, but I hope that Grace will not be starring in it. She was my least favorite character and a very boring protagonist. Zayday can be instead, I always liked her. Most of the actors I think were fantastic in their roles. I’m happy to have Billie Lourd on my radar now. I know she’s Carrie Fisher’s daughter, but I hadn’t seen her do anything yet. She might’ve ended up my favorite person on the show.

This show kind of reminded me of a game of Cards Against Humanity. You feel bad for laughing at the worst things it says and does, but you laugh anyway. I do recommend it for anyone looking for a brainless amount of entertainment. If only there were a few more deaths, it might’ve been perfect, but as it is, I’m content with where it ended up. But seriously I would watch a Denise/Chad spinoff. Can we do that instead of season two?

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