There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I was going to just write a general finale review, but then I realized I had too many things I wanted to talk about with the separate episodes. It’s interesting, I guess word is that people were disappointed in the finale, and I think I can understand why. Not enough people died, I’ve been complaining about that from day one, it’s supposed to be a slasher flick. I do like where the characters ended up, but for a horror show they did pull the punches. The reveal was said to be obvious, and I don’t disagree with that either, but I think they pulled it off. I’ll get to that next episode though. Previously on Scream Queens, a sorority sister died in a bathtub and twenty years later her twins come back to get revenge on Kappa House. One of them, Boone, has already been killed. The Red Devil also killed their mother figure Gigi. The best character of all time Denise is now Chief of Police. The last episode ended with Grace being told by Pete, before they have sex, that he’s a murderer.

Wow he was telling the truth! He is┬ápersonally responsible for several of the deaths this season, but not all of them. One of the Red Devils, the female twin in the bathtub, is still out there. Pete stumbled across the Red Devils when they killed Denise’s best friend and followed Boone to the fraternity. He agreed to join up with them instead of die, partially to get his story, and also he felt like the fraternity/sororities were evil. He killed Roger (or Dodger?) and also killed Boone himself. So it wasn’t Boone’s sister! Before Pete can reveal who the girl is, she appears behind them and stabs him dead. She has a pretty cool fight with Grace, but keeps her alive. Grace is confused as to why, but my guess is because they’re half-siblings, and if she didn’t kill Boone, maybe that matters to her. Also because this show refuses to kill Grace even though she’s the most boring character by far. Meanwhile Chanel’s gotten in trouble and everyone hates her now because she sent a rage rant to the Chanels about failing her when they planned on killing Munsch. The Red Devil forwards it to all contacts. Chanel is faced with hatred from the public for the first time, and her response is classic Chanel.


Have I mentioned I love Emma Roberts? Yes she plays the same type of character in everything, but I freaking love her. She plans on killing herself like Cleopatra, but the “asp” she bought is just a garter snake. Zayday convinces her not to give up and that they can turn it around. She decides that Melanie Dorkus, the former Kappa queen who got burned up, is the killer since she’s mysteriously been in town. While confronting Melanie and trying to stab her a bunch, Grace and Zayday come flying in with the real news. They spent this time finding the files on all the Chanels, with Wes seducing Munsch (EW EW EW what an awkward scene, but funny, but awkward) to distract her. They find out that Hester must be the baby because her high school information is false and so are all her records. They run back to the house to find Chanel #5 there, her Tinder date was fake, and Hester with a high heel firmly shoved into her eye socket. She points to Chanel #5 as the Red Devil.

Alas I knew immediately she had to be lying, since it was only the end of hour one. I still wish Chanel #5 could’ve had her revenge and proved herself to be a badass, but we can’t always get what we want. Overall this was a fun episode. I did theorize that there were several killers, and technically on the show that makes Pete, Boone, Munsch, Chanel, Gigi, and the Red Devil (probably Hester at this point) murderers. I like Pete’s rant about why he’s doing it, and why he thought Grace wanted him to do it, because I do think it makes sense for his character. It’s weird that Wes said this is what made him think Grace was smart, lol,┬ábut he’s a weird guy. And I could do without seeing him and the Dean tumbling around together, but it was pretty funny, and her response is what we’re used to seeing of her. I wonder why people don’t do the easy thing to prove who the Red Devil is: genetically test all the Chanels! One of them is related to Wes and Grace. Easy peasy.

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