There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am a huge nerd, which is pretty obvious every time I write one of these and geek out over the comic tie-in, and none more so than Red Tornado here. When I was younger, I got obsessed with the Young Justice comic books, before they became the next group of Teen Titan characters. Red Tornado was their mentor of sorts. He’d been in the comics for decades prior to that obviously, but it has a personal connection to me. Of course this isn’t the character we know. Yet! It could happen. Previously on Supergirl, Kara realized that Maxwell Lord has been testing her out and intentionally planted bombs just to observe her. She encouraged Jimmy to give his ex Lucy another chance, despite her own feelings for him. Kara’s been struggling to learn how to be a superhero and becoming a valued member of the DEO. She and Alex found out that Alex’s father was killed while working for the DEO and they need to find out how. The audience has been privy to seeing Hank with glowing red eyes several times, with no explanation yet.

The underlining theme is exploring anger, and boy am I excited to see that embraced so strongly here. I love that they straight up commented on how people degrade and dismiss women for being emotional. When Kara shows emotion or anger, people criticize her sharply, when they might not ordinarily for a man. She spends the episode trying to figure out what she’s really angry about. At first she thinks it’s the obvious things, like being jealous about Jimmy and Lucy, or feeling disrespected by Cat. But during a boxing match with Jimmy some of her true feelings leek out. She’s truly angry that she’ll never have a normal life, that her “normal” was Krypton and she’s lost that, and she’ll always feel like an outsider. I like the nod that it’s not necessarily Jimmy only she’s jealous of, it’s the relationship he has with Lucy that she wishes she had with anyone, that type of intimacy and chemistry. It’s well done, and I’m glad to see her being given so many facets. Kara starts out the episode with General Sam Lane showing up, Lucy and Lois’ father, and he is the worst. I’ve always disliked this character, so I’m glad to see they’re sticking by him being awful. He orders Kara to fight this robot they’ve made called the Red Tornado. It’s pretty obvious early on that it’s designed specifically to fight Kryptonians, or at least the big alien threats we’re seeing. He’s generally unpleasant, aggressive, dismissive, and rude. When Kara beats the Red Tornado, he blames her for it, because he’s the worst, and then the machine goes off-book and disappears. His creator is fired for it, and oh noooo that’s not going to lead anywhere bad. GDI General Lane. I always want to punch you when you show up in things.


Lucy is there with her father and also doesn’t seem that impressed with Supergirl, although it’s probably just to please him. She is a fan of Kara though and genuinely seems to be nice/friendly to her. Yaaaay! I love ladies being friends and not letting a boy get between them. Her father is also hateful toward Jimmy, who lets loose while boxing about his frustration there, and eventually Lucy decides to step back from her life with the army. She’s making Jimmy her priority. I feel like bad things are coming in that way. I don’t think this show will be stupid enough to fridge any women, especially not a woman for the purpose of manpain. Crossing fingers. They do realize that the Red Tornado’s creator is controlling him, thanks to the advice of Max Lord who is connecting with Alex. They bond over dead parents (awk) and he sets her on the right path. She has a brutal hand to hand fight with the creator and kills him, but the Red Tornado starts to become artificial intelligence and keeps fighting. Kara finally lets out all her rage and blows it up. Awww. Maybe he’ll come back some day with an actual personality like the one from the comics!

Cat plays yet another brilliant part in this episode, dropping truths all over the place. About sexism in the work place, in life, etc. That isn’t to say her bad behavior toward Kara is excused, considering she’s just angry because her mother is being awful in her space. She is genuinely pleased to see Kara snap back at her, yay she has a spine after all, but warns her to be careful of her emotions in a work place environment. She then protects Kara when her mother starts harping on her. Seriously, Cat is a very complicated character and imperfect in many ways, but she’s also fascinating and a good counteract to Kara’s nervous sweetness. I like how they handle her, and their mentor/mentee relationship. Honestly I admire this show and its intent to explore friendships of all kinds, including the bonds between adopted sisters, boss and employee, co-workers, friends, etc. It’s good stuff. The hardest part comes when Winn reveals that Alex’s father was on a mission against an alien and never came back. His partner in it was Hank, and Hank did come back, but he’s deleted every file that might have information about it. Or redacted it. Now Alex is on a warpath. I expect this has to do with his glowing red eyes. Hopefully we’re getting more answers soon. Hank was very supportive of Kara this episode, and I think their growing partnership will make the red eyes problem more significant. I’m always looking forward to the next episode of Supergirl. It was given a full 20 episode order and I hope that means very good things for it.


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