There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I didn’t realize I missed an episode. It wasn’t until I started to write the one for this week that I went “wait what did I miss.” Damn you DVR! Luckily Xfinity gave me the option to immediately watch this episode instead. And I’m glad it did because I really liked it, outside of the fact I hate whenever people talk about the Friend Zone. I’m also already tired of the love triangle/square, but at least the show is not going to pit Lucy and Kara against each other. Instead they show respect and kindness to one another, so huzzah, ladies being friends even if there’s a boy in the way! Previously on Supergirl, Kara’s finally starting to get the hang of being a superhero. A big bomb was dropped on her and Alex when they were told by Alex’s mother that her father was killed working for the DEO. The DEO showed up to take Kara from them, and he agreed to work with them in exchange for leaving her alone. We met tech mogul Max Lord briefly. Also Jimmy’s ex showed up in town to win him back, and Kara was all sad faced about it.

I hate the Friend Zone for a lot of reasons, but I do appreciate they indicated the term works with either gender. Kara allows men in her past to treat her as a girlfriend substitute while not being the girlfriend. She’s not bitter about it though which I think is important, but she tries to make boundaries with Jimmy as he deals with his feelings toward Lucy. Lucy’s fairly inappropriate when she spills her heart to Kara about the reason she dumped Jimmy: Superman. She always felt second to him, and now she thinks she even has less of a shot with Supergirl in the mix. Kara urges Jimmy to think about it and make sure he really believes he wants to move on from her. It turns out he’s decided not to, and the two of them reconciled. I think Kara handled this maturely, but I’d really the show focus more on the main plot than romantic drama. I find Kara’s relationship with Cat Grant and her sister Alex far more interesting. Cat is getting an award but she needs help with her son Carter. Kara agrees to watch him, and Carter’s very shy and introverted, but he has a big crush on Supergirl. When he gets the chance to maybe meet Supergirl, he disappears on his babysitters, and gets himself in a heap of trouble. Bombs, bombs, everywhere.


That’s the main storyline this episode. Kara’s being trailed by a drone and she helps people when a bomb goes off. Max Lord’s company made it, and he says a former employee Ethan was fired and lost his wife and custody of his child afterward. It must be him getting revenge. The DEO send in Alex to talk to Max and they flirt/banter a little, and he indicates his parents were killed and he blames the government/army for that. Hmmm. Anyway, there’s two bombs they need to worry about in the end, one at the airport where Lucy is, and one on the train with Max. Kara chooses to go to the train because Carter’s there, and she does confront Ethan, but he says he’s doing this for his daughter. He suicide bombs and she manages to stop the train so it doesn’t explode with him. Also earlier in the episode when she disarmed another bomb, she was knocked unconscious. While that happened, she saw very briefly that Hank had glowing red eyes. This is relevant for us especially because he then disarms the bomb at the airport using only his eyes and hand. I know people have been theorizing he’s Martian Manhunter, since it’d be too obvious to make him his comic counterpart. I’m not convinced. His comic counterpart could’ve done the same. It’s still a big question mark.

Cat chooses not to fire Kara after her mistake with Carter, mostly because her son is excited and animated and happy for the first time in awhile. Kara asks her how she does all of it. The title of this episode is “How Does She Do It?” which is kind of on the nose. But it’s a bigger lesson about how Kara is taking on too much and it’s wearing her thin. She’s trying to be a superhero and a DEO agent and an assistant. She’s not giving herself a lot of personal time, and she’s stressed to the max. Cat calmly explains that of course someone can have it all,┬ábut it’s about starting small and putting in the work. I really love Cat and I like how they handle her, because while she’s difficult and a HBIC, she shows little nuggets of wisdom and sincerity like there. Honestly I think she’s a great mentor for Kara, who could learn coming out of her shell more and taking charge. It’s interesting that Cat’s son is so introverted too; I wonder if that’s why she hired Kara and has a soft spot for her? She sees Carter in Kara. I like that reading. The other major thing is that Kara pieces together Max was behind it all. He was paying for Ethan’s daughter to get medical help in exchange for putting this all together. His reason is to learn more about Supergirl. He correctly guesses that the only reason she would have picked the train over the airport is she knew someone on the train. I’m surprised he didn’t know immediately it was Carter, since she singled him out.

This episode wasn’t perfect, but I liked it! It’s the first one where there’s a little more intrigue about who is the bad guy, and it’s not your typical alien fight fare. Max will probably be the Lex Luthor of this show, and I really enjoyed that last scene with him and Kara. It felt genuinely tense and drew me in. I still wonder how no one recognizes Kara. I get I have to just accept it, but COME ON. SHE ISN’T EVEN TRYING TO HIDE.


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